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Taylor Henderson

First and foremost, Taylor would like to thank Beyoncé for making him gay. This Native Texan enjoys long walks on the beach, RPDR memes, and bad YA novels to vicariously experience the teen years he spent in the closet. (He's also writing one.) 

"If I could have seen myself on screen earlier, maybe I wouldn’t have felt so hopeless," Zach Barack told PRIDE.

6:52 PM

"Shit’s about to get reeeaaallll queer y’all!"

1:30 PM

"Technology has blurred the lines of a 'clean break,'" Droll told PRIDE.

12:48 PM

"Seeing us take ownership and autonomy over our own lives and future is really important for people to see."

August 21 2019 6:44 PM

"I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day," Madison Packer wrote about her wedding with Anya Battaglino.

August 21 2019 2:41 PM