How to Resist Professional Bigots

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How to Resist Professional Bigots


What exactly is a "professional bigot?" Well, we're glad you asked, because it's a really important thing to understand. A professional bigot is a person who profits financially or socially for expelling prejudice and hatred. Milo whatever-his-last-name-is, Piers Morgan, Tomi Lahren, and all of Trump's henchmen are great examples of professional bigots. They make money and are lauded by people across the country for their viewpoints. They're really good at riling people up and are able to make news just for a comment. This is what makes them valuable to media companies.

Now, more than ever, it's important to learn how to resist professional bigotry, as there seems to be more and more of it every day. It's not as simple as calling them out or providing evidence—they don't work that way. Dealing with professional bigots takes conscious thought and a commitment to the resistance. Professional bigots played a huge role in getting Trump to the White House, so they are a big threat. And we certainly didn't handle them effectively enough during the election. 

It's hard work, but it will be worth it when we can get on social media without having to see their faces on our feeds with people talking about how shocked they are that a consistently disgusting person said something disgusting, again. Here are things to start (and stop) doing if you want to deal with professional bigots.

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