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The Complete Guide to Queer Pride Flags

There are many, many shades of the rainbow.

What is Juneteenth and why is it so important?

First celebrated in 1866 in Texas, it's now a federal holiday.

What is a Grand Marshal?

We just named our first Grand Marshal, but what does that mean?

The queer history behind that TikTok Gen X Parents '80s dance challenge blowing up your timeline

TikTok has Gen X parents dancing carefree like it's the 1980s, but the synth-pop song "Smalltown Boy" from gay trio Bronski Beat, which plays over all the videos, was a lifeline for queer people of the era.

30 pictures of what Pride looked like 30 years ago

In order to know where we're going, we need to always remember where we come from!

What is the Stonewall Uprising and where would we be without it?

One of the most vital events in queer history changed the course of gay life forever.

30 inspiring quotes for queer women to live by

Here are some inspirational quotes by queer women who have gone above and beyond to reach their dreams!

15 pre-Stonewall LGBTQ+ films you should definitely to watch

Before the Stonewall riots, LGBTQ+ liberation was still happening on-screen.

Nicholas Galitzine filmed THIS MANY 'Mary & George' sex scenes in 1 day & we're GAGGING

We will be seated to watch these steamy scenes on Mary & George!

Debunking J.K. Rowling's misinformation on trans history

Historian Laurie Marhoefer debunks J.K. Rowling's controversial tweet about trans people in Nazi Germany and cautions against the dangerous implications of such misinformation.

Here's the fascinating history behind International Women's Day

The history of International Women's Day goes beyond feminism, which reminds us of the deep ties between gender equality and class struggle.

15 films based on real LGBTQ+ people that are required viewing

Film is a great way to start learning more about your queer history!

Meet the actors from 'The New Look' & see the real people they're playing

The New Look is a new Apple TV+ series about Christian Dior’s life after World War II.

20 Black LGBTQ+ Films Everyone Should See

These films portray the queer Black experience and are essential viewing.

20 funny reactions to conservatives angry that Netflix 'turned Alexander the Great gay'

Conservatives are outraged that Netflix is portraying Alexander The Great as bisexual. Who's going to tell them?

Meet the 'Feud: Capote vs. The Swans' cast & the real people they play

These actors are bringing Hollywood legends to life in FX’s Feud: Capote vs. The Swans.

35 Lesbian & Bi Period Dramas That Will Take You Back In Time

Forbidden queer romances and over the top costumes? Yes, please!

Did You Know Freddie Mercury Partied With Princess Diana And Smuggled Her Into A Gay Bar?

This is forgotten gay history! Class is in session.

10 Classic Queer Indie Comics Every Gay Geek Should Read

The comic scene wouldn't be the same without these queer reads!

14 Celebrities Who Died in the Closet

The stories of these closeted notables range from bittersweet to tragic, and some are just plain outrageous.