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Did You Know Freddie Mercury Partied With Princess Diana And Smuggled Her Into A Gay Bar?

This is forgotten gay history! Class is in session.

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14 Celebrities Who Died in the Closet

The stories of these closeted notables range from bittersweet to tragic, and some are just plain outrageous. 

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Queer actors have been a part of the film industry for many, many years!

Barbie's Greta Gerwig Made History For Women Directors, It's Fantastic

Greta Gerwig's Barbie is the highest opening weekend box office of all time for a woman director.

Why ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’ Still Matters 20 Years Later

The trailblazing show premiered two decades ago, but its impact is still being felt.

Scruff to Buff: A Timeline of Body Hair Among Gay Men

Scruff to Buff: A Timeline of Body Hair Among Gay Men

10 Old Hollywood Movies With Queer Characters & Where To Watch Them

LGBTQ+ characters aren't new to Hollywood.

Were These Two Famous Victims Of The Titanic Secretly Gay Lovers?

Archibald Butt and Francis Davis Millet were believed to have been in a secret relationship.

20 Black LGBTQ+ Films Everyone Should See

These films portray the queer Black experience and are essential viewing.

10 Mythical Creatures That Are Definitely Queer

Of course these magical creatures are queer! What else would they be?!

13 Things You Didn't Know About Pride

There’s so much more to Pride than a parade.

60 Adorable Vintage Photos Of Lesbian Couples

The Sapphics have always been winning!

30 Adorable Vintage Photos Of Gay Couples

These gay couples were brave enough to take on the world together.

So What Does It Mean to Be a 'Friend of Dorothy?'

A brief history of this charming slang.

Billy Porter Waves Off James Baldwin Biopic Casting Criticism

He slammed random internet critics for assuming "their opinion matters at all."

30 Lesbian & Bi Period Dramas That Will Take You Back In Time

Forbidden queer romances and over the top costumes? Yes, please!

29 Inspiring Quotes For Queer Women To Live By

Here are some inspirational quotes by queer women who have gone above and beyond to reach their dreams!

The Right’s Bizarre Anti-Drag Campaign Explained

And here’s how you can get involved to help protect the artists and community we cherish.