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Conservatives just figured out 'The Boys' is making fun of them and their meltdown is HILARIOUS

Showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed the satire behind the show.

The OG ‘Queer Eye’ cast rang in the show's 20th Anniversary with VP Kamala Harris

The show brought queer men into American living rooms at a time when being out was not easy and has moved forward LGBTQ+ representation in mainstream media.

20 FUNNIEST reactions to Stormy Daniels' RUTHLESS description of Trump's *ahem* member

We would have paid god money to have seen Trump's reaction to the news!

BenDeLaCreme says Donald Trump 'won't serve a lick of time' following conviction

The RuPaul's Drag Race alum is keeping it real as the election slowly approaches.

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump's unhinged rant about electrocution vs. shark attack

The former president seemed to short circuit during a speech and went on one of the most bizarre rants we've ever heard!

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump glitching like a malfunctioning robot

Could this explain why he’s the WORST?

Watch Trump SWEAT when asked if he'd declassify Jeffrey Epstein documents in viral video

Trump took what was supposed to be a softball question and made the internet think he looks guilty!

Watch this Republican's kid roll his eyes during speech defending Trump​ while we CACKLE

Republican Rep. John Rose's speech about Trump's guilty verdict was overshadowed by his own son's mockery.

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Marjorie Taylor Greene being ROASTED by a Democrat for acting a fool

The MAGA queen tried to insult a Democrat and it backfired spectacularly!

25 FUNNIEST reactions to Lauren Boebert claiming Trump's guilty verdict was unfair

Watching people dunk on Lauren Boebert and insult Trump at the same time has made our entire week!

​Dylan Mulvaney turns the tables after being used in Republican's childish stunt

The influencer was duped into recording a Cameo to "bully" a candidate's opponent.

Hilary Clinton MOCKS Trump with funny new 'She was right' merch line

We're loving Clinton's pettiness!

25 SAVAGE reactions to Trump's guilty verdict that have us CACKLING

Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts and the internet is rejoicing!

Conservative misinformation DEBUNKED: Democrats did not call for a rainbow redesign of the American flag

According to conservative pages, Democrats are adding a rainbow to the American flag, and "gullible" is written on the ceiling above you. Go ahead, look up.

The internet is ROASTING Eric Trump for his viral racist slip up and we're CHEERING

Eric Trump just said his dad will win his trial because 'We're white" and somehow we're not surprised.

​25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump being ROASTED by Libertarians using his own gross words

Libertarians booed the former president and brought in rubber chickens to mock him and now we can't stop laughing!