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Book Excerpt: Butch Fatale, Dyke Dick in 'Double D Double Cross'

What happens when you combine the pulp novels of Shell Scott and Ann Bannon? You get a butch P.I. that possesses the bad-assery men wish they had and the sex appeal women want.

All Bi Myself - Op-Ed

When reality TV star Krisily Kennedy came out as bisexual in Life & Style magazine, the enthusiastic and supportive cheers from bi chicks like me were swiftly drowned out by the sound of a million male zippers. Kennedy was open and earnest in the article and did her best to keep the focus on the legitimacy of her sexual orientation. But I have a feeling most straight guys never got deep enough to actually read quotes like: "I just want love. I want long-term and I want commitment. I really want those things and if people open their hearts to it, you can find that with anyone."