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Rocky Horror Gets Doubly Awesome On The 40th Anniversary of the Cult Classic

LA declares a day honoring the classic, attended by trans icon Laverne Cox who announced her role in a remake.

Abby Wambach Announces She's Retiring from Professional Soccer 

With a glorious celebration of the USWNT World Cup win and this announcement, Tuesday was a rollercoaster of emotions for fans of women's soccer. 

Ruby Rose Shuts Down Gender Binaries at Sunday's MTV EMAs

Rose addressed the audience in the coolest way. 

National Coffee Day is Here and It's Queerer Than Ever

Though it's notoriously been known as a 'boy's club,' the coffee industry finally has some women and LGBT folk at the forefront of its newest wave. Meet them right here!

Grace Jones Proves Herself a Gender-Bending Icon Once Again at the Hollywood Bowl

The iconic singer's gender and sexuality has been speculated on many times, and she pushes our expectations once again in what might be her boldest appearance yet.

11 Pics of the Dapper Set that Make Us Want to Up Our Wardrobe Game

Fall for the stylish queers whose dapper ways make us swoon.

4 Times When Ruby Rose Spoke the Truth Everyone Needed to Hear

The latest controversy around the star reveals more of her than you've seen before.

WATCH: Model Rain Dove is Genderqueer 'Gender Capitalist' and Fashion Brand

Out lesbian genderqueer model Rain Dove hits New York Fashion Week on both Menswear and Ladies runways, with a fascinating take on gender.

Party for Marriage Equality (In Sydney, Australia)

Australians hold new Prime Minister to his word on marriage rights, and party.

WATCH: Amber Rose Walks Free of Shame in Funny or Die Video

In a Funny (or Die) twist on the standard 'Walk of Shame,' Amber Rose reinvents the story with an anti-slut-shaming spin.

WATCH: Peaches and Margaret Cho Get it Up in the Air

The singer releases yet another fearless teaser for her upcoming album.

Harvard Leads the Way Offering Preferred Pronoun Options

The college may be #2 ranked in the nation, but its policy on pronouns takes it to the top.

8 Offensive Kim Davis Memes a Lot of Us Probably Laughed At

They're not as funny when you look at the further implications.