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'The L Word' cast - where are they now? 20th-anniversary edition

Can you believe it's been 20 years since The L Word premiered? Here's what the cast has been up to!

10 Reasons We Can't Get Enough of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team

Rapinoe, Wambach, Morgan, Solo, Lloyd... just to name a few!

24 Times the Women of the World Cup Had Us Cheering and Crying

Women athletes in glory and defeat...

QUIZ: What Kind of WNBA Fan Are You?

Are you in the stands, or on your couch passing the chips?

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Your WNBA Firsts?

Are you a WNBA super fan? Think you know everything there is to know about professional women's basketball? Take this quiz and find out!

Gillian Anderson Wants You to Ask Her Out!

Well, someone "brave" enough...

10 Reasons Dinah Vegas Rocked

What happens at Dinah Vegas stays at Dinah Vegas right?

Naya Rivera Written out of Glee's Season Finale?

It looks as though the end of Santana Lopez is nigh.

Lesbians Land on the Strip - 3rd Annual Dinah Vegas Set to Sizzle

The girls are about to hit the strip!

The Best News of the Day: Laura Prepon Will Be Back for Most of OITNB Season 2

OITNB show runner Jenji Kohan ensures viewers that Laura Prepon will be around for most of the season.

Tank Girl Lori Petty Headed to Orange Is the New Black

Who do you think Lori should play on Orange Is the New Black?

8 Moves That Made 2013 An Awesome Year In Sports

Lesbian-on-lesbian cage matches, a $7 million payout in pro poker, and Abby Wambach's legs made 2013 a kickass year to be a female athlete.

Garth Brooks' Out Half Sister and Bandmate Betsy Smittle Dies at 60

Brooks' half sister was out in country music for decades.

Kerry Washington Never Minded Lesbian Rumors About Her, She Says

Kerry Washington is married and pregnant now, but there were some lesbian rumors about her.

UCONN Women's Basketball Team Speaks Out for LGBTQ Inclusion in Sports

Br{ache the Silence features the UCONN Women's Basketball team in a video for LGBTQ inclusion.

13 Scream Queens Who'll Help Scare the Hell Out of You!

What would horror movies be without these women running around screaming and helping to scare the hell out of us!

WNBA Chicago Sky’s Sharnee Zoll-Norman Comes Out Publicly

It's a terrific week to be out and proud, and WNBA guard with the Chicago Sky, Sharnee Zoll-Norman, came out publicly this week in an interview with the Windy City Times, in which she tells the publication that she plans to participate in Chicago’s annual gay pride parade this weekend with her wife of four years, Serita Norman.