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Two Arrested For Assaulting Lesbian Couple at Six Flags Park

The young couple say a woman, joined by a friend, yelled homophobic slurs before punching and kicking one victim to the ground and pulling out a knife.

Girl Scouts Tackle Transphobia, Raise $100K in One Day

When the Girl Scouts took a stand for trans girls, online support went viral.

PHOTOS: The 'Handsome Revolution' Is Here and Queer

Masculine-of-center and transmasculine folks show the meaning of 'dapper' in Miki Vargas's new series.

Women's College Becomes Fourth in U.S. to Accept Trans Students

The Pennsylvania school's president describes the decision as based on inclusivity and the awareness that gender is fluid.

PHOTOS: Butch-Femme Culture Is Alive and Well

Photographer Wendi Kali's new book, The Butch/Femme Photo Project, shows the world a dazzling array of what it means to be butch or femme today.

Gwen Stefani Supports Her Sons Wearing Nail Polish

The pop rocker says she supports her three kids' gender expressions no matter what — a stance many psychologists agree is best for all children.

Which Women's College to Welcome Trans Students?

The Boston school has become the third U.S. women's college to clarify its stance towards trans women and men amidst heated conversations about the future of single-gender institutions.

15 Photos from 'BUTCH' That Depict Female Masculinity at Its Finest

Queer photographer Meg Allen didn't see the images of masculine women she wanted and needed around her, so she took it upon herself to produce them.

White Lesbian Mom Sues Sperm Bank After Birth of Biracial Baby

A Ohio mother seeks damages for emotional and financial stress she claims has resulted from raising her mixed-race daughter in an all-white town.

High School Won't Count Votes for Homecoming Queens

Administrators say students are only allowed to nominate one male student and one female student to the homecoming court at Willow Canyon High School in Surprise, Ariz.

MTV's Faking It Gets Even Queerer with Intersex Character

MTV's LGBT-themed teen dramedy will explore a less commonly visible aspect of gender variance in its second season.

Duke University Makes Applications More Welcoming for LGBT Hopefuls

In an optional, open-ended short essay, applicants to Duke can now describe their sexual orientation and gender identity in their own words.

PHOTOS: Yes, 'Trans Women Belong at Mt. Holyoke!'

These Mt. Holyoke students demanded that their college support all women.

STUDY: It's Not Getting Better for LGBT Foster Kids

A new study discovers that LGBT youth face twice as much mistreatment in the foster care system as do their non-LGBT peers.

Mount Holyoke Becomes First of 'Seven Sisters' Schools to Admit Trans Women

'We must acknowledge that gender identity is not reducible to the body,' say Mt. Holyoke College officials of their historic decision to welcome applications from all trans students.

Italian Lesbians Win Adoption Victory

Despite its refusal to support same-sex couples through marriage equality, an Italian court conceded that stable, loving parents, LGBT or not, may be in a child's best interests.

Op-ed: How This Ableist Lesbian Mom Opened Her Eyes

What happens when a baby being carried by a surrogate is diagnosed with a disability? LGBT parents should think carefully about the answer.

Lesbian Moms Push for Parental Rights Worldwide

As more countries gain equal marriage, skirmishes over parental rights have ensued — this month, in both Mexico and Austria.

Lesbian Author Nancy Garden Dies at 76

The award-winning author of the beloved lesbian young adult classic Annie on My Mind passed away at age 76 in her home in Carlisle, Mass.

Orphan Black Introduces Transgender Character But Will He Return

Viewers of the popular sci-fi series praise new trans character Tony, but will he be a one hit wonder?