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The story of the ghosting heard 'round the (gay) world

Okay but if someone eats all the bread you deserve to get ghosted.

Queer Awakening: Unforgettable Cartoon Babes!

We all wanted to kiss Spinelli at recess. It's okay to admit it now.

SNL's Kate McKinnon Nails Lilith Fair Lesbian in 'Tampon Farm' Sketch!

Convinced this is 100% how tampons are made.

Watch This Black Queer Retelling of 'Romeo & Juliet' In Ballroom Style — It's Going Viral & We're Obsessed

Screaming "I wanna vogue just like Persephone" from the rooftops

10 Hot Pics of Jerrie Johnson To Celebrate 'Harlem' Season 3 Renewal

Happy Harlem renewal week everyone!!

Billie Eilish's Coming Out Is Giving UWU Lez Energy & I Hate That For Us

"I Like Girls But I'm Scared Of Them" is so tired.

'Carol' Is Just Another Dull Film About White Lesbians

I dare you to ask me if I went to film school.

Hallmark Hottie Luke Macfarlane Is Santa's Son In New Holiday Movie

Using Christmas lights as rope? Kinky.

57 Thoughts We Had While Watching The Wild AF Holiday Film 'Lez Bomb'

Let's all watch Lez Bomb and question why she kissed her brother?

Look At This Very Gay Video Of 'The Iron Claw' Cast Eating Ribs

How many of you are now excited for this movie?

WNBA Baby On The Way! Chelsea & Tipesa Gray Expecting

Will the baby be a Taurus or Gemini?!

2023 Queer NewFest Portraits!

The festival may be over, but we're still living for these images from the event.

Meet the Queer Babes of the Las Vegas Aces, 2x WNBA Champs

Whether you're watching for the love of the game or just the love of queer babes, we've got you covered.

Breaking Down All The Lesbian TikTok Drama Going On Right Now

Here’s what you need to know about Lunden & Olivia, as well as RaeShanda & Lashondra!