Sunnivie Brydum

Sunnivie is an award-winning journalist and the managing editor at The Advocate. A proud spouse and puppy-parent, Sunnivie strives to queer up the world of reporting while covering the politics of equality daily.

BREAKING: Lesbian Air Force Major, DADT Repeal Advocate Killed in Action 

December 22 2015 5:49 PM

'The fight for LGBT equality is not over,' proclaims the newest ad for Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. 

December 07 2015 6:44 PM

The LGBT men and women of the New York City Fire Department, from paramedics, EMTs, and firefighters, show that courage comes in many forms.

October 12 2015 9:01 PM

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown somberly addressed the media this afternoon, informing them that 13 people are dead after a 20-year-old gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College.

October 01 2015 5:31 PM

The Rowan County, Ky., clerk will remain in jail until she agrees to sign, and allows her staff to issue, marriage licenses to all eligible couples, regardless of gender.

September 03 2015 7:52 PM Updated

The suspect was just released from prison, serving a 10-year sentence for a similar attack at Jerusalem Pride a decade ago.

July 30 2015 3:12 PM