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Shonda Rhimes Is Not Here for Your Homophobic Bullsh*t

Shonda Rhimes Is Not Here for Your Homophobic Bullshit

Shonda Rhimes Is Not Here for Your Homophobic Bullshit

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There’s no doubt that Shonda Rhimes has pushed the envelope in terms of the types of LGBT characters and stories fans see on TV week to week in such hit series, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. The most recent ABC show, How to Get Away With Murder, which is produced by Rhimes’ production company but written and created by gay producer Peter Nowalk, has sparked a frenzy thanks to a number of sex scenes featuring the openly gay law student, Connor, which aired during its first four episodes. 

These scenes, while sexy and significant, have resulted in criticism from homophobic fans. Over the weekend, one such fan set Rhimes off. The producer unleashed a fervor of tweets in support of LGBT storylines suggesting that if you weren’t here for what her series are showcasing then not to watch at all. 




As for Nowalk, he hasn’t responded to Rhimes or critics on Twitter, but he did say how significant gay characters were to his show. “In terms of putting out the character in network TV, especially someone who’s young and confident, is very important to me.”

And in another interview, Greg Berlanti, creator and producer of Arrow and The Flash on the CW, also applauded the show. “It was a big deal,” he said of the premiere. “I think you need to include people from all walks of life and that’s really, for television, such an immediate thing.”

This article by Stacy Lambe was originally published on Out.

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