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Amandla Stenberg drops a diss track clapping back against racist haters

They also challenged the haters to respond within 72 hours.

BLACKPINK on their way to smash some new records

With premieres in over 110 countries, the BORN PINK tour film is set to be just as epic as the actual tour.

What does 'flagging' mean and is it still practiced today?

The colors you choose have a lot more to do with bedroom preferences than you may think.

The Complete Guide to Queer Pride Flags

There are many, many shades of the rainbow.

New 'Golden Girls'-style comedy heading for Hulu with Matt Bomer and Nathan Lane as its stars

We can't wait for how campy and hilarious this is going to be.

Conservatives just figured out 'The Boys' is making fun of them and their meltdown is HILARIOUS

Showrunner Eric Kripke confirmed the satire behind the show.

Diana Taurasi has some thoughts about how male journalists treat WNBA rookies and we're LIVING

“All of a sudden there’s a lot of eyeballs and everyone has a lot of opinions,” she said.

Rob Kearney says the Strongman community is more supportive than we realize

The only out and proud Strongman says the sport looks scary but it's “truly about being your best self."

10 queer entertainers on the verge of gaining EGOT status

So close, so coveted... who will be the next to win the achievement?

What is a Grand Marshal?

We just named our first Grand Marshal, but what does that mean?

Linda Perry reveals a breast reduction surgery ended up saving her life

The rocker underwent a double mastectomy after doctors found an aggressive form of cancer in her breast.

Paul Mescal and Josh O’Connor will serenade us in new movie!

The two’s historical romance The History of Sound will put different vocals to the test.

Did JoJo Siwa just hard-launch a new girlfriend?

Pictures of the two kissing have started some speculation.

5 essential tips for surviving your first-ever Pride

We've all got to start somewhere, right?

Watch Adele totally ANNIHILATE homophobia & prove her ally status AGAIN (UPDATED)

She was ready to set fire to the rain, indeed.

What is the Stonewall Uprising and where would we be without it?

One of the most vital events in queer history changed the course of gay life forever.

Did Trixie Mattel deserve to get banned from Instagram for saying this?

It's not like the whales were offended, were they?