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sag aftra strike

Bella Ramsey Opens Up About 'Last Of Us' Season Two Sapphic Romance

Season two is about to blow season one right out of the water (and break some hearts).

Here's Why Drew Barrymore Is Facing Backlash From Striking Writers

Barrymore's talk show announced it was resuming production in the middle of a strike.

Trekkie's Are Angry That Star Robert Beltran Supported *This* Tweet

The Star Trek actor also broke the SAG-AFTRA strike rules and then responded to a social media post about "real fans." Not cute.

Angelica Ross Reveals Her FX Contract Cost Her Marvel Gig & More

The Pose star opened up about one of her reasons for joining the SAG-AFTRA strike.

Zendaya's Sultry Love Triangle Film Yanked From Venice Due to Strike

Challengers was removed from the Venice Film Festival, and its release date has been delayed to 2024.

Dystopian AI Proposal From Studios Horrify Striking Actors

"If you think that’s a groundbreaking proposal, I suggest you think again.”

​Actors Union Issues Warning To Influencers Crossing Picket Lines

If social media influencers take work in film or television during the actor strike, SAG-AFTRA has threatened to bar them from membership.