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'Bridgerton's Season Three Pics Are Here & We Can't Wait For All The Steamy Action!

Here's Netflix's Christmas present to the masses.

All Marjorie Taylor Greene Got For Christmas Was Swatted (And Probably Coal)

She’s not the only Republican lawmaker to have police called on their residence on Christmas day.

One Year Later, Club Q Shooting Survivors Look for Ways to Push Forward Without Fear

A shooter killed 5 people at a Colorado gay bar just before midnight on November 19, 2022. More than a dozen were injured. Here some share their thoughts on what's happened in the last year.

Jason Mraz On Accepting His Bisexuality, Divorce & Leaving 'Shame And Guilt' Behind

Mraz said he's had to learn a lot about himself and that includes during his current run on Dancing with the Stars.

It's Over! SAG-AFTRA Approves Deal to End Historic 118-Day Strike

Actors can go back to work as the strike ends at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday.

Kevin Spacey Reportedly Rushed to Hospital Over Heart Attack Scare

Spacey was attending a film festival in Uzbekistan.

Bomb Threat Delayed Lil Nas X Documentary Premiere

The film's premiere was delayed by 30 minutes.

Equalpride To Support Kevin Aviance's 'CVNTY Ball Tour'

The CVNTY Ball Tour kicks off this weekend!