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10 of This Year's Oscar Nominated Films Starring Host Ellen DeGeneres

Were you aware that Ellen appeared 10 of this year's Oscar nominated films?

10 Classic Lesbian Movies that Should Be Remade Starring Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her turn in the deep dramedy Silver Linings Playbook, but she's also one of the biggest female action stars on the planet currently. Since she can pretty much do anything and she's never played a lesbian, we've imagined what it might look like if she did!

10 Movies That Should Be Remade Starring Jodie Foster as the Villain

Who doesn’t love a good post-apocalyptic flick, especially one that pits the one-percenters against the rest of us (1927’s Metropolis anyone)? With that said, we are so freaking excited that the Jodie Foster/Matt Damon starrer Elysium is out today! Double Oscar winner – and giver of sublime coming out speeches at the Golden Globes -- Jodie plays the mayor of Elysium, a villainous one-percenter who struts around her gilded space island in pristine white suits and Suze Orman-esque hair.

15 Movie Classics That Totally Need a Lesbian Character!

Wouldn’t classic movies like A League of Their Own, Dangerous Liaisons and Thelma and Louise have been infinitely more satisfying if there were just one lesbian character among them? With our post from earlier this year, 10 TV Shows We Can’t Believe Don’t Have Gay Characters, as a springboard, we’ve reimagined 15 now classic movies using Gina Gershon’s super-smoldering Corky from Bound as the gold standard of cinematic lesbian characters.

10 Shows We Can't Believe Don't Have Gay Characters

These days you can’t swing a cat on television without hitting a scattered LGBT character or two on just about any given night. Sundays give us The Good Wife’s bisexual Kalinda while Revenge has bisexual Nolan and Shameless has a gay son. Modern Family and The New Normal offer up gay dads while freshman series Go On and Chicago Fire feature full-on lesbian characters in those ensembles. And of course, there are tried-and-true, beloved lesbian and gay characters on Glee, Grey’s Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars.

55 Amazing Ellen DeGeneres Moments for her 55th Birthday

On Saturday Jan. 26, the queen of daytime, the most popular lesbian on the planet, the funny lady, the animal lover and the prankster, Ellen DeGeneres, turns 55, and we at SheWired have lovingly –if not obsessively—compiled 55 amazing Ellen moments from her early days of stand-up to her coming out to her daily silliness on her wildly popular talk show. It’s Ellen after all. She’s worth it.