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10 Classic Lesbian Movies that Should Be Remade Starring Jennifer Lawrence 

10 Lesbian Movies that Should Be Remade Starring Jennifer Lawrence

10 Lesbian Movies that Should Be Remade Starring Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence won an Oscar for her turn in the deep dramedy Silver Linings Playbook, but she's also one of the biggest female action stars on the planet currently. Since she can pretty much do anything and she's never played a lesbian, we've imagined what it might look like if she did!

Let’s face it. Jennifer Lawrence can pretty much do anything. This year she won an Oscar for her wild turn in the deep dramedy Silver Linings Playbook, but she’s also one of the biggest female action stars on the planet with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire out this week. And if that weren’t enough, she’ll soon be on the big screen as a wonderfully messy, ‘70s-era gal with daddy issues in American Hustle. But for all of Jennifer’s range from Winter’s Bone to Hustle, she’s never played a lesbian. What better time is there to remake 10 classic lesbian films with Jennifer Lawrence? 


Desert Hearts 

Donna Deitch’s benchmark Desert Hearts (1985) starred Helen Shaver as a ‘50s-era woman who travels to Reno for a quickie divorce. But in the process of processing her divorce she falls for Patricia Charbonneu’s free-spirited lesbian. Maybe Desert Hearts could get an update wherein the free spirit’s ex, played with verve and abandon by J-Law, hangs around the ranch, rustling cattle and doling out snippets of wisdom. Just spitballing. 

The Hunger 

Catherine Deneuve played Mrs. Blaylock, the ultimate bisexual vampire who seduces Susan Sarandon’s doctor Sarah in the 1983 horror classic The Hunger. But what would it look like if we remade The Hunger with Jennifer standing in for Mrs. Blaylock’s partner played by David Bowie? We’ve decided that Jennifer can do anything, so she could pull of Bowie cool right?

Go Fish

We're just going to say it. We'd love to see Guinevere Turner's adorably tomboyish Max hook up with a hot but bookish lesbian played by Jennifer. Can we make that happen? 

Maedchen in Uniform

The legendary German film from 1931 got a reboot in 1958, so it's definitely time for another one. Jennifer Lawrence. Period piece. Boarding School. Lesbian Romance. Done! 

Personal Best

Mariel Hemingway played a bisexual elite runner who falls for her female teammate in 1982's soapy Personal Best. She eventually ends up with her male coach however. We think they should remake this semi-flop with Jennifer in the mix. Who doesn't want to see her bedding female runners in addition to jumping hurdles? 


We know! Gina Gershon's Corky was the ultimate and she should never be recast. But wouldn't you just love to see a very capable Jennifer fixing plumbing, wielding a gun, driving a truck, and doing battle with the mob, all while sweeping a femme fatale off of her feet? 

But I'm a Cheerleader

We just wish Jennifer could play a lesbian at True Directions conversion therapy camp. With her ability to brilliantly overshare, her group therapy sessions would be epic. Plus, Melanie Lynskey's character needed a smoldering love interest to sweep her off of her feet. 

Tipping the Velvet

Don't you just wish Jennifer were around for Nan and Kitty's Victorian-era Sapphic romps? What a bustling triangle indeed. 

Imagine Me and You

Of course Piper Perabo's Rachel and Lena Headey's Luce are destined to be together, but while Rachel has her B story of extricating from her lovely fiancee Heck, Luce could really use a nice diversion played by Jennifer. 


DEBS has everything we love - boarding school, spies, lesbians, and action! Jennifer is the heir apparent to star in a remake. 

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

Uma Thurman's Sissy Hankshaw fell for Bonanza Jellybean in Gus Van Sant's 1993 big screen version of the cult novel, but we'd really love to see Jennifer hitching alongside Sissy, the gal with the giant thumbs. 

Heavenly Creatures

After her downtrodden turn in Winter's Bone, it's clear that Jennifer is tailor-made to play a brooding, delusional, matricidal teen who falls for a charismatic, if not batshit, rich girl. 

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