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11 of the Best Colleges for Queer Women

There's definitely a place for queer women to be accepted and find their voice at any of these schools!

12 Best Colleges for Queer Women

School is starting, and applications for next year will be due soon! Here is a non-exhaustive list of schools where you can be accepted and find your voice.

10 Legendary Lesbian Bars Where We Wish We Could Hang Out

It's time to pour one out for these iconic bars where we laughed, loved, drank, and probably played pool. 

10 Great Remaining Lesbian Bars Where We All Need to Hang Out

The lesbian bar is dying all over America, but these holdouts deserve applause and patronage.

6 Glorious, Uplifting, and Tearjerking Moments in Women's Sports in 2015

From the Women's World Cup to Serena Williams' incredible year, here are the stories that moved us. 

Donald Trump Invokes Penises to Describe Hillary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Run

And yet, he finds her recent pre-debate bathroom break 'disgusting.' Who's the disgusting one here, Trump?

Johnny Depp on Supporting His Daughter Lily-Rose in Coming Out as Sexually Fluid

The actor says he is proud of her, and that she came out to him before announcing her sexuality on Instagram back in August.

WATCH: First Finding Dory Trailer is Out and It's All About Ellen DeGeneres

No sign of the turtles, the sharks, or the dreaded Darla, but it looks like there will be plenty of adventure through the ocean and Dory's spotty memory.

WATCH: The Time Jennifer Lawrence & Natalie Dormer Kissed 

This was accidental, but girls can dream, right?

Study Says There's No Such Thing as a Straight Woman 

A scientist says there's no such thing as a straight woman, but don't expect your straight crush to call you back just yet.

Suffragette Teams Up with #HopeForOurDaughters to Raise Money and Awareness for Women's Rights

A new social media campaign is out to raise awareness about what the future looks like for young girls, and money for an initiative to promote women's and girls' rights.

Frozen Will Make Your Daughter a Lesbian, Says Radio Host Friendly with 3 Republican Candidates

As far as we know, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, and Mike Huckabee have not commented on the number of toaster oven the makers of Frozen can claim for having recruited new lesbians.

Lesbian Couple Arrested in Hawaii for PDA

The pair were on vacation in Honolulu when an officer harassed them for holding hands and kissing.