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Evan Rachel Wood Expounds on her Bisexuality in Marie Claire

First-time Emmy nominee for Mildred Pierce Evan Rachel Wood has always been bold and beautiful, and last April she revealed in Esquire that she is bisexual. Woods, who’s played gay as the sultry vampire queen in True Blood and in The Wrestler, talks more about being bisexual in the new issue of Marie Claire.

Help Jane Wiedlin Get to Comic-Con NY to Officiate a Lesbian Wedding!

Jane Wiedlin, former Go-Go guitarist, is sticking to her word. Wiedlin recently posted on Twitter ,“Anyone in the Twitterverse able 2 help me in as a guest at #NYCC (New York Comic Con)? 2 special ladies want me to perform their wedding.” Wiedlin declared that she became an ordained mister because she wanted to be “part of the celebration,” in the summer of 2008 when same-sex couples were granted equal rights from June to the election in November when Prop 8 passed.

Lesbian Love Story from Israel, Lipstikka, Makes North American Debut in Toronto

The controversial lesbian love story movie from Israel, Lipstikka, makes it North American debut at the Toronto International Film Festival September 18th.

'Tomboy' and 'Heavenly Creatures' To Be Released on DVD

Peccadillo Pictures announced the UK release of Tomboy September 16th coming November 25th to the US and the UK Blu-Ray and DVD release of Peter Jackson's influential Heavenly Creatures, on September 12.

Jennifer Aniston Wild Child Movie 'Wanderlust' Release Postponed

Wanderlust, starring Jennifer Aniston tangled in the sheets in a three-way, has been postponed from its original release date, October 7th, to February 24th. Unfortunately we are going to have to wait a little longer to see Jennifer in her steamy on screen lesbian love scene, according to

Heather Morris Button-Pushing Domestic Violence Shots for Charity

Photos of Glee actress Heather Morris, sporting a massive black eye, hit the web last week, and the disturbing pics sent the blogosphere into a tizzy. Morris, known for her role as the ditzy blond Cheerio on Glee, adorned with a hideous black-and-blue eye, posed amidst household items – or the trappings of domesticity if you will -- such as an ironing board and iron, for photographer Tyler Shields.

Woman Fired Due to Perception She's a Lesbian Based on her Facebook Page

A woman being considered for a position at the Charleston Youth Center in Charleston W. VA. is suing the company, claiming that its board members rescinded her job offer after viewing her Facebook page and perceiving that she was a lesbian. Jessica Hudson filed a lawsuit last week against the youth center in Kanawha Circuit Court, in Charleston. The lawsuit states that after Hudson was offered the position as executive director of the center on June 13, the board members held an emergency meeting, on June 19, to discuss her “perceived sexual orientation.”

Jane Lynch Says in her Memoir that Cybill Shepherd Took Charge in Their 'L Word' Love Scenes

Jane Lynch talks about her lesbian romance scenes with Cybill Shepherd on The L Word in her new memoir Happy Accidents. We have come to love Jane Lynch for her role as the tough-as-nails cheerleading coach on Glee, as well as for her reoccurring role as Joyce Wischina, the no-holds-barred lesbian lawyer on The L Word.

'Pretty Little Liars' Creator Marlene King Dishes on the Summer Season Finale!

Pretty Little Liars last episode left viewers wanting more, and tonight, with the summer finale, viewers will get just that – more mystery and drama. When last we saw the liars, Dr. Sullivan was discovered missing and Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna were all left thinking that “A” had struck again. Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King answered a few burning questions about the finale during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. If you recall --and what lesbian fan of the show wouldn’t? --Maya, Emily’s first lesbian love, had returned but the writers left the audience wondering if Maya and Emily would pick up where they left off, or even if Maya was sticking around.

New 'Glee' Season 3 Promo: Santana and Brittany are Dancing on Tables

Season 3 of Glee is right around the corner and here is a sneak peek of what's to come. The Glee crew brings it brings it big for season 3; Santana and Rachel are seen with their arms wrapped around each other laughing while filming and Santana and Brittany are once again donning their notorious Cheerios uniforms while flaunting their moves on top of the cafeteria lunch table.

SheWired's Featured Local Artist: Ladysoal, Band from Ames, Iowa

As a site that features entertainment and news geared toward the lesbian community at large we are committed to highlighting artists, musicians and craftspeople in the community. This week we'd like to introduce you to Ladysoal, a talented group of musicians that came together through a shared passion of music. Ladysoal, hails from Ames, Iowa, and is comprised of four members -- Sharika, Mike, Mallory, and Justin. In order to show their support for the LGBT community, Ladysoal recently produced a video named, “That Girl”. The video expresses the importance of accepting your sexuality no matter that might be.

Amber Heard is Sick of Talking About her Love Life

The Playboy Club star Amber Heard is getting publicity, but apparently she doesn’t feel as though “all publicity is good publicity,” since she has recently expressed her frustration about how her relationship with a woman is getting too much attention. Heard, who came out in December of last year says she hates how her relationship with Tasya van Ree, whom she's been dating since 2008, has been the focus of so much media attention.

Lesbian Mom Ousted as Den Leader by the Boy Scouts of America

A Virginia based mom was relieved of her duties as her son’s Boy Scout den leader after one of her assistant scout masters discovered she is a lesbian. Denise Steele, a mother to two boys who’s in a domestic partnership with her partner of 19 years, Jackie Funk, took on the position of den leader for her 12-year-old son’s Boy Scout troop when no one else would.

Musical 'This One Girl's Story' Based on the True Story of Sakia Gunn Plays NY's Musical Theater Festival

The stage is set and the cast has been chosen for the up coming musical This One Girl’s Story, based on the startling true story of Sakia Gunn, a lesbian who was brutally murdered in the West Village in 2003, is scheduled to show in New York’s Musical Theater Festival.