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10 Struggles You Face When Your Pronouns Are They/Them

You know my pronouns, now please try to use them properly.

5 Ways to Honor Transgender Day of Remembrance

Every year, we use this day to honor all of the trans people who lost their lives to violence.

9 Struggles You Face When Your Pronouns Are They/Them

9 Struggles You Face When Your Pronouns Are They/Them

You know my pronouns, now please try to use them properly.

5 Ways to Combat Bi Erasure in the LGBT Community

Bi erasure is a major blind spot in the LGBT community. Let's talk about ways to promote bisexual visibility.

Taiwan Is So Close to Being the First Asian Country with Marriage Equality

They could set a precedent for marriage equality for the rest of Asia.

Meet Kate Brown, Oregon’s First Openly LGBT Governor

Kate Brown's win is the historic LGBT election victory you need to know about.

Shirtless Men Hold Kittens in This Literally Purrfect Photoshoot

Cuties and kitties? What more could you ask for?!

Here's How You Can Work for the White House (No, Seriously)

The Presidential Appointments Initiative is looking specifically for LGBT people like you to help diversify the next administration. 

8 LGBT Celebs You Didn't Know Are Vegan

These hot celebs are all about that vegan life!

5 Reasons Willow Smith Is Already an Icon

She may be only 16, but this talented artist and daughter of power couple Will and Jada has already made a name for herself.

10 LGBTQ Native Americans to Know Because Columbus Day Is a Lie

All these awesome, creative Native Americans are changing the world!

5 True-Life Hazing Stories That Might Give You Nightmares

The college-themed thriller Goat (starring Nick Jonas) just hit theaters, and it's shedding light on the darker side of fraternity culture and hazing. 

Why LGBT Activists Everywhere Are Saying #FreeChelsea

There's a reason you've been seeing #FreeChelseaManning in your feed lately.

Is the Term 'Bisexual' Transphobic? A Fact Check

Does identifying as bi make you anti-trans? It's a growing debate in the LGBT community but the answer is more complicated than this writer first anticipated.

Yes, Halsey Is Bi and No, You Can't Tell Her What That Looks Like

NEWS FLASH: (Sexuality ≠ Gender Expression)

16 Dope Nail Looks for Everyone (Because Style Has No Gender)

Gender constructs are #cancelled, and there's nothing like a dope new manicure to throw up a big 'F You' to the gender binary.

This Powerful Video Proves 'Pretty' Is Totally Overrated

"When we can talk about loving our bodies and other people's bodies outside of how much they are valued sexually, then we can talk about equality."

8 Tips for Queer People Starting Your First Office Job

Congrats on your new job! Now let's talk about thriving in it as a queer person in a cis hetero world.


A Look Inside the First Safer Sex Guide for and by Trans People

Finally, there's a safer sex guide for trans and gender non conforming people and those who love us. Take a look inside!

15 Queer Travel Bloggers You'll Want to Follow on Instagram

All of these LGBT globetrotters will give you a serious case of wanderlust.