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Although there is a huge lack of its portrayal in the media, bisexuality is a real thing, and it deserves to be talked about as much as any other sexual orientation. PRIDE showcases all the amazing and inspiring bisexual stories that matter the most to you, in a fun, safe, and accepting environment!

15 clear signs it's time for your relationship to be over

It may be tough to take that initial leap but ending a relationship past its prime can offer overwhelming relief.

15 things only tops understand because the struggle is real

The good, the bad, and the ridiculous things only tops know and love.

Here's how to avoid 10 common mistakes before having sex

A little preparation can go a LONG way!

30 sex toys that every gay man should own

So many toys, so little time...

​8 times Auli'i Cravalho blew us away, let's rank our favorite roles while we wait for 'Moana 2'​

The bisexual actress and singer has been impressing us for years!

20 girls every queer 2000s kid secretly crushed on

The 2000s were a glorious time for our little queer hearts.

10 reasons you should date a guy with a nipple ring

Nipple rings are everything

20 things guys do that are actually major turn-ons

Without realizing it, there are some things guys do that make us absolutely swoon.

Remembering 45 of the most unbelievable outfits on 'The L Word'

On the 20th anniversary of The L Word's premiere we look back at the fashion hits and misses of the iconic series.

15 flirting tips for socially awkward gay, bi & queer guys

Because Grindr isn’t your only option...

15 things you should never text your crush

Keep it cute, or put it on mute.

25 hot moves that will drive him crazy

Want to add a little spice to your love life? We've got you covered.

Couples are inviting a third into their relationship & bed in 'Couple to Throuple' trailer

Everything is fire — including the drama — in this new polyamorous dating series.

30 mistakes first-time bottoms make

Bottoming is fun, but no one is an expert on their first time!

What exactly is 'queer' and should we keep using the term?

This can be touchy depending on who you ask, but it's important to understand either way.

15 Tips For Guys Who Don't Like Giving Head

Not everyone is as into it as you think...

35 Things Gay/Bi Men Should Never Do In Healthy Relationships

Relationships are tough. Here's how to maybe not screw it up.

​These 44 Stars Came Out In 2023 ​

Celebs, athletes, drag stars, and more joined our rainbow family this year!

Unveiling the Truth: Debunking Myths About Power Bottoms

Power bottoms are aplenty, but that doesn't mean they're always here for your pleasure.