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Kylie Minogue's 'Padam Padam' Is Her Biggest Hit In 13 Years

The music icon's summer anthem is racing up the charts all around the world.

Gay Twitter Drama Featuring Patti Labelle's Relative Is Confusing AF

This story about an alleged gay, Black Trump supporter has to be one of the strangest, wildest internet scandals of the whole election cycle!

Randy Rainbow & Patti LuPone's Collab Imagines a Post-Trump World

The comedian and the theater legend joined forces to dream a little dream of Trump being fired.

The 'Queer as Folk' Cast Is Reuniting for Charity

The cast of the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ series is getting together (virtually) 20 years after the show's original debut!

100+ Health Orgs Say LGBTQ+ People Especially At Risk for COVID-19

Elevated smoking and HIV rates are just two of the reasons LGBTQ+ people are especially vulnerable to the disease.

Elizabeth Warren Just Ended Her Presidential Campaign

After announcing her decision to leave the White House race, #ThankYouElizabeth and "with Warren" began trending on Twitter.

Kanye West Is Set to Speak at an Anti-LGBTQ+ Evangelical Summit

The rapper will speak at Awaken 2020, which gives a platform to dangerous homophobes and transphobes.

Margot Robbie Says Her 'Bombshell' Character Would End Up With a Woman

The BAFTA-nominated actress says she envisioned Kayla Pospisil's whole life, which ended with a happy queer relationship.

Another Black Man Has Died in the Home of Democratic Donor Ed Buck

Community leaders were outraged when the LA County District Attorney refused to prosecute Buck last year. Now another young man is dead.

The Trump Admin. Is Preparing to Deny That Trans People Exist

Federal agencies are circulating a memo stating trans identity isn't real, which could lead to a devastating rollback of protections.

Taylor Swift Finally Broke Her Political Silence

The pop star was cagey about her political affiliations in the past, but she made a huge—and admirable—announcement about the midterms.

Cynthia Nixon Is So Proud of Her Trans Son

The actress and New York gubernatorial candidate stated how proud she is of her son, Samuel Joseph Mozes.

Mike Pence Sent a Tweet to Gay Olympian Adam Rippon, But It's Just Another Insult 

The vice president says he supports the out athlete, but none of his actions demonstrate that.

"You Are a Fraud!" This Trans Activist Calls out Caitlyn Jenner to Her Face

We all need to follow Ashlee Marie Preston's example and call out recklessness and hypocrisy. 

105 Images of Wet n' Wild Amsterdam Pride

You haven't experienced Pride until you're dancing on a boat as it sails through the canals of Amsterdam, with tens of thousands cheering you on.

Meet the Lesbian Millionaire Godmothers of Pot

Karen Paull (left) and Wendy Robbins say legal marijuana, like marriage equality, is coming to all 50 states. In the meantime, the women are making cannabis entrepreneurs rich and giving a platform to the drug's reported benefits with The Marijuana Show.

Ted Cruz Is Open to Reinstating DADT 

The Republican presidential candidate also blasts military service by transgender people.

WATCH: Muslim Woman Suspended from her Job Says She's No Kim Davis

Charee Stanley, suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers, says her situation shouldn't be compared to Kim Davis.

Infamous Christian Bakers Send Cakes to LGBT Organizations

The Oregon couple who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding and were fined $135,000 make a surprising move.

Meet the First Couple to Marry in Georgia

Couples are receiving licenses in Fulton County, home of Atlanta.