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The gays reaction to the 'Willy Wonka' event that flopped hard has us CACKLING

From drag queens to Kate Middleton to Halloween costume ideas to The X Factor, everything and everyone is implicated in this insane “Willy Wonka Event” that went viral.

15 times queens really BOMBED the Snatch Game on 'RuPaul's Drag Race'

Let’s just say that the Snatch Game isn’t a great challenge for all the queens competing on Drag Race!

Check out this totally NSFW piece of art a pilot drew in the sky, we can't stop GIGGLING

This adds a whole new meaning to the phrase "cockpit."

'Drive-Away Dolls' is the quirky, sexy, and hilarious lesbian comedy you've been waiting for

Gay girlies finally get their due in this charming comedy from Ethan Coen and Tricia Cooke.

'Stress Positions' is a masterful and deeply uncomfortable satire

The comedy made its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2024.

Fans react to Jennifer Lopez's story that Ayo Edebiri apologized to her on 'SNL'

Did Ayo Edebiri tearfully apologize to Jennifer Lopez? Well, fans are having a blast reacting to this story on the internet.

15 shadiest moments on 'Give It To Me Straight' with Maddy Morphosis

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 14 star Maddy Morphosis is one shady queen!

'Lisa Frankenstein' stitches together '80s nostalgia & the female gaze for a dream creature feature

Out director Zelda Williams and writer Diablo Cody have created a monstrous new modern classic.

Watch Bowen Yang's reaction to transphobic Dave Chappelle crashing 'SNL'

We feel just as uncomfortable about this...

30 things every gay guy in college experiences at least once

Yes, we’ve all snuck out of a window or backdoor before…

Margaret Cho is blasting Republicans on her upcoming tour and we're here for it

The hilarious comedian is fighting for equality in cities across the USA.

Princess Poppy dishes on how her original plan to attend Emmys as a troll was even more RISQUÉ

During an interview with PRIDE, Princess Poppy also shared what they want to do next as a career and revealed how “obsessed” Daniel Radcliffe was with her goblin look.

Meatball parodies Megami's 'Protect Queer Art' number & we're CACKLING

You need to watch Meatball’s hilarious parody of Megami’s Variety Show number from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 16.

Kum & Go convenience stores are rebranding & NO ONE is happy about it

Nearly fifty years of coming and going, down the drain...

Jo Koy BOMBED hosting the Golden Globes–these are his cringiest jokes

Comedian Jo Koy was picked to host the 2024 Golden Globes and the result was an EPIC FAIL.

This viral Sniffies cruising mystery has TikTok viewers enthralled

Random guys keep showing up at this woman's door, and TikTok wants answers!

10 comedy specials to watch instead of Dave Chappelle or Ricky Gervais, because we're DONE with them

Their continuing transphobia is not funny — but these comics are.

15 Latinx Shows Full of Awesome LGBTQ+ Characters

From 'Vida' to 'Pose,' we're shining the spotlight on oft-ignored Latinx TV shows!

30 Things Straight People Think Are Totally Gay

The breeders are at it again...

15 Villains Who Are More F*ckable Than Elon Musk

John Olivier said the billionaire was a less f*ckable Billy Zane from 'Titanic,' but the list just *starts* there.