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5 Reasons To Become Obsessed with BBC's The Fall

There are only 12 episodes, which are totally bingeable this weekend!

Op-ed: Make 2015 the Last Year of the White Guy Oscars

I am not alone in my simmering rage about how male the Oscars are this year. And every year.

Op-ed: We Are All Ferguson Now

There is a tone in America in both big cities like mine and small towns like Ferguson that puts some people at risk for injury or death by cop just by virtue of who they are, not anything they have--or might have--done.

Giving Thanks for Our LGBT Lives

Whatever your Thanksgiving plans, whatever stresses you may feel as you head over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house–or not–remember that you are closer than you’ve ever been to who you want to be and give thanks for that.

Op-ed: In Defense of Taylor Swift and Why the Hate Is Just Plain Sexist

Swift is a successful young woman and a terrific philanthropist, so why so much unending hate?

Women Make History in Midterm Elections

It was a good night, especially for Republican women.

Women and Witchcraft, Past and Present

Halloween is complicated, especially for women.

5 Reasons That Warrant Watching ABC's How To Get Away With Murder

If you're not watching, your missing out.

5 Reasons to Watch The Final Season of NBC’s Parenthood

If you aren't already watching this gem, we have five good reasons why you should.

Op-ed: Fall Season: Strong Women, Strong TV

Network is where the women are!

Op-ed: The New York Times Gets Shonda Rhimes Wrong

Alessandra Stanley’s column isn’t just wrong in tone, it’s wrong on facts.

Op-ed: Ray Rice and the Hidden World of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence. Drop the "domestic" and it might be prosecuted more readily.

Op-ed: Desolation Row: Lesbians, Depression and Suicide

Many LGBT people are dealing with depression. If you are one of them, get help before it’s at a crisis point. Depression is an illness. And while it often cannot be cured, it can be managed. Don’t become a statistic.

5 Reasons to Get Lost in CBS’s Extant

Extant is the summer's latest must-see dystopian series!

5 Reasons to Get Trapped Watching CBS's Under the Dome

This is one mid-summer series not to miss!

Op-ed: Wynne Wins, Hillary’s Harassed: Why Is It So Hard for Women in Power?

Women can be president or prime minister or premier. The question for Americans–since Canadians have it sorted already–is whether America is ready to treat women politicians fairly, or will sexism forever rule?

Op-ed: #YesAllWomen/#NotAllMen

#YesAllWomen have felt the threat that not one of the victims of Elliot Rodger had time to feel.

Op-ed: The Normal Heart - An AIDS Memory

I remember the pandemic as if it were yesterday because I lived and breathed it as both journalist and activist for a decade.

Op-ed: My Big Long-Awaited Lesbian Wedding

Marriage is now on the table for Pennsylvania's same-sex couples, and it has made all the difference.