These Memes Perfectly Illustrate What's Wrong with Bisexual Representation on TV

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Amy Raudenfeld, "Faking It"

Amy Not Bi

We live in a world where bisexual representation is rare. Bisexuals on TV are usually depicted as manipulative, self-serving, and they almost never use the actual word "bisexual." Activist Nicole Kristal wants that changed.

In a recent Q&A with PRIDE, Kristal told us that she created these bisexual memes as a way to raise awareness about the flaws in bi representation. She wants to portray the frustation the bisexual community feels when TV gets it wrong, and the joy we feel when they get it right.

And in 2015, when cat gifs and viral videos are king, what better way to do that than in hilarious memes?

© Nicole Kristal

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