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In the future, there will be no money, only memes. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but it’s really hard to overstate the importance of the meme in the world today. Not only do they entertain, but they can be a medium for activism, for information, and—as we’ve seen with Pepe the frog—for hate. Nowadays, memes are moving so fast it can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why stays up-to-date on today’s hottest gay memes, both in LGBT online communities and the internet at large.

25 HILARIOUS reactions to Trump's unhinged rant about electrocution vs. shark attack

The former president seemed to short circuit during a speech and went on one of the most bizarre rants we've ever heard!

​Gay Twitter is going FERAL for Charlie Barnett's steamy shirtless scene in 'The Acolyte'

If The Acolyte has taught us anything, it's that Jedi's should take off their robes more often!

20 HILARIOUS reactions to Fenty's new pixie wig that have us CACKLING

The internet did not disappoint because the memes are hilarious!

20 HILARIOUS reactions to Chloe Sevigny and Kim Kardashian's Actors on Actors interview

Chloe Sevigny and Kim Kardashian were paired together for the prestigious interview series and the internet had THOUGHTS.

Pride memes for 2024 that will have you CACKLING

Celebrate Pride the right way—at home, laughing at things on the internet.

25 SAVAGE reactions to Trump's guilty verdict that have us CACKLING

Donald Trump was found guilty on 34 felony counts and the internet is rejoicing!

20 HILARIOUS memes about the pope's gay slur slip that prove Gay Twitter can reclaim ANYTHING

Trust the internet to turn lemons into lemonade by creating the funniest memes you've ever seen!

MAGA queen Marjorie Taylor Greene was ROASTED by Robert Garcia using funny 'Drag Race' GIF

The Democrat is a master at reading Republicans and now we can't stop laughing!

Fake Biden poster ROASTING Trump for dancing like he's getting down with dudes has us CACKLING

If campaign posters with the funny and raunchy we'd pay a lot more attention to them!

25 FUNNIEST reactions to Trump being too dumb to know what 'ambidextrous' means

Listen, you can't expect him to know ALL the words!

20 HILARIOUS memes of 'Drag Race's Kennedy Davenport's tragic Trixie makeup look

Now even Bob the Drag Queen is throwing shade at Mistress Isabelle Brooks for creating the makeup look.

25 HILARIOUS responses to the 'What is Marjorie Taylor Greene reading?' meme

The internet made our day when people started ruthlessly ROASTING the Republican congresswoman!

Monica Garcia isn't returning to 'RHOSLC' and fans are LIVID

The breakout star is reportedly exiting the show after a record-breaking season.

Gays are losing their minds over Ariana Grande's new bop 'yes, and?'

The ponytail queen has saved pop music once again.

20 'I Hate Gay Halloween Parties' Memes That Will Have You Cackling

These pop culture references are the funniest we've seen in ages!

The Memes About Kevin McCarthy's Removal Are Brutal & We Can't Stop Laughing

Kevin McCarthy's detractors wasted no time celebrating his removal as Speaker of the House. Here are our favorite memes as Congress crumbles.

Hisam Goueli Is Already A 'Big Brother 25' Fan-Favorite & Meme King

The doctor and burlesque dancer is already proving to be a fan-favorite on BB25!

What Should We Show the Aliens First?

The internet strikes again with some hilarious memes about the extraterrestrial.

'Barbenheimer' Memes Are Slaying The Marketing Game For These Films

Whether you're team Barbie, team Oppenheimer, or rooting for both, everyone's winning.