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In the future, there will be no money, only memes. That’s an exaggeration, of course, but it’s really hard to overstate the importance of the meme in the world today. Not only do they entertain, but they can be a medium for activism, for information, and—as we’ve seen with Pepe the frog—for hate. Nowadays, memes are moving so fast it can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why stays up-to-date on today’s hottest gay memes, both in LGBT online communities and the internet at large.

20 'I Hate Gay Halloween Parties' Memes That Will Have You Cackling

These pop culture references are the funniest we've seen in ages!

The Memes About Kevin McCarthy's Removal Are Brutal & We Can't Stop Laughing

Kevin McCarthy's detractors wasted no time celebrating his removal as Speaker of the House. Here are our favorite memes as Congress crumbles.

Hisam Goueli Is Already A 'Big Brother 25' Fan-Favorite & Meme King

The doctor and burlesque dancer is already proving to be a fan-favorite on BB25!

What Should We Show The Aliens First?

The internet strikes again with some hilarious memes about the extraterrestrial.

'Barbenheimer' Memes Are Slaying The Marketing Game For These Films

Whether you're team Barbie, team Oppenheimer, or rooting for both, everyone's winning.

What's With All The Orcas Sinking Yachts? The Nautical Drama Explained

Plus 10 memes that will have you cackling!

Gillian Anderson Says She's 'Thrilled' To Be Turning Fans Gay

The X-Files star responds to a hilarious meme pointing out her impact on fans' sapphic desires.

10 Hilarious Parodies & Mashups of Kylie Minogue's 'Padam Padam'

From The Golden Girls to Daniel Craig to RuPaul’s Drag Race queens.

Renata Sorrah aka The Confused Math Lady Comes Out As Bi

The bisexual math is mathing!

The Infamous Ermahgerd Girl Is All Grown Up And She's Gay!

Maggie Goldenberg opens up about her experience being a meme and how it affected her relationship with her girlfriend.

Josh Brolin Knows All About Those Thirsty Thanos Memes

The Avengers actor knows what the internet is up to. 

Millie Bobby Brown Is Driving Now & The Gays Are Panicking

"put ur seat belt on," the Stranger Things star said.

'Leave Britney Alone' Video Sells for $41,000 as an NFT

The infamous viral video made some serious coins!

DaBaby Seemingly Dissed JoJo Siwa, But the Stans Weren't Having It

The internet came to the queer Nickelodeon star's defense after the rapper mentioned her in his latest track.

Aussie Gays Are Clubbing to Lady Gaga & Now We Have Major FOMO

Meanwhile, the rest of us are jealous AF...

What Isn't Gay But Still Feels Gay? Darren Criss, Of Course

Even his former Glee co-star Kevin McHale knows it!

Some Hilarious Election Memes to Help You Laugh Through the Agony

The world may be burning down, but one thing will never cease: the memes.

Some Hilarious Gay Memes to Distract You From How Awful the World Is

Even if the world continues to descend into complete and utter madness, we'll always have memes.