Sooo many quizzes out there. What Star Wars character are you? Which Golden Girl are you? What OITNB character is your cellmate? What queer movie should you watch next? What does your zodiac sign say about your crush? While online quizzes may not be the best way to portend your future, get life advice, or gain insight into your relationships, they're still tons of fun. Whether you're looking to see what Harry Potter character you really are or what queer-friendly city is the best for you, Pride has it all. Follow Pride for all the best LGBT quizzes on love, sex, and celebs.

OMG, I want to be them all. 

May 18 2017 3:13 PM

You just learned your hookup is HIV positive? Now what?

December 13 2016 9:47 AM

Test your Olympic Speedo knowledge!

August 11 2016 6:06 PM

Who runs the world? Some version of you in the Game of Thrones universe. 

June 27 2016 5:38 PM

Momma Ru not included.

May 06 2016 12:55 PM