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Olympic Gymnast Danell Leyva Came Out

"For a long time I’ve known that I wasn’t straight," the Olympic medalist said.

The 15 Gayest Things That Happened at the 2016 Olympics

Some say it’s the gayest Olympics in history. 

JK Rowling Defended Tom Daley From Twitter Trolls in the BEST Way Possible

The Harry Potter author isn't down for casual homophobia.

Out Female Athletes of the Rio Olympics

The representation of out athletes has been the most ever at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro this summer. 

Danell Leyva's Shirtless Gymnastics Routine Deserves ALL the Medals

The Olympic gymnast sure knows how to wow the crowd in Rio.

10 Times Olympian Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Were the Cutest

Tom Daley won bronze in Rio, but he and his fiance Dustin Lance Black won our hearts. 

Italian Swimmer Rachele Bruni Casually Comes Out By Dedicating Medal to Her Girlfriend

The Olympics is getting queerer and more romantic with every passing day. 

Every Man Can Relate to This Pole Vaulter's Penis Ruining His Day

It can be our best friend...or our worst enemy.

27 Track and Field Olympians Who Make Us Sweat

Run into this post as fast as you can.

Meet Your New Olympic Crush: USA Water Polo God Bret Bonanni

We know you’re about to get thirsty, but please, don’t drink the pool water.

11 Out Men of the Rio Olympics Who Make Us Proud

These out and proud athletes represent a wide range of countries and sports. 

37 Out Women Athletes of the Rio Olympics Who Make Us Proud

These out women are the finest athletes in the world, and we love cheering them on in Rio. 

Can You Guess the Country by the Olympic Speedo?

Test your Olympic Speedo knowledge!

Gay Olympians Should Not Be Treated Like Zoo Animals

A recent story by Nico Hines of The Daily Beast on Olympic Grindr usage is not only homophobic, but puts closeted queer men in danger.

Yeah, There Are a Lot of Hot Guys in the Olympics, But...

Am I missing something exciting?

The US Women's Soccer Team Is Still Getting Ripped Off By Sexism

This isn't even a matter of equal pay for equal work because the women are doing MORE work.