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13 Cartoon Characters Who Defied Gender Stereotypes

These cartoon characters were everything!

12 Girls Every Queer '90s Kid Secretly Loved

'90s TV shows were LIFE for kids that grew up in the greatest (and last) decade of the 20th century.

Why Lesbians Stay Friends With Their Exes

Maintaining a healthy friendship with an ex isn't always a bad thing.

16 Signs You and Your Girlfriend Are About to U-Haul

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12 Things Your Girlfriend Should Know Before Meeting Your Family

Meeting the family for the holidays can be incredibly intimidating...that's why it's always better to be prepared!

13 Queer Fictional Couples Who Will Melt Your Heart

Brittany and Santana forever!!

10 Signs You've Been With Your Girlfriend For a Long Time

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7 Lesbian YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

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9 Queer Female Celebs Who Slay Being Single

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14 Sex Toys That Make Lovely Valentine's Day Gifts

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16 Celebrities We Wish Would Join Our Team

Not trying to change any person's sexual orientation, just saying we'd welcome you with open, applauding arms.

11 Lesbian Slang Words We Wish Existed

Dear fellow queer women,
IDK if you've noticed, but the gays have completely monopolized the gay slang world. They have words for everything. Otters?! Pups?! Twinks! Where are our words!!!??! Sure we have a few—stud, femme, butch, scissor, finger bang— but they are so dated and I think we can do way better than that ladies. WAY BETTER. Here are a few slang words we wish existed *hint* (make these words happen) *hint*

17 Bands Fronted By Queer Women That You Should Be Listening To

The music industry isn’t the pinnacle of queer visibility as you may have guessed, but overall music is much further along than other entertainment industries like film or theater. If we ever hope to have an equal standing in the music industry as heterosexuals do, it matters that us queer kids seek out and support queer-fronted music.