Casting Report: 68 Gay Characters on TV Right Now

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Every Gay Character on TV Right Now


Get ready for the round-up that will change the way you watch TV. We’ve compiled a report of every LGBTQ character on television — consisting of shows that either are American or air prominently in America — and we were pretty thrilled with the outcome. Now, these aren’t all LGBT characters on TV ever, just the ones that are present/alive on shows airing now, renewed for upcoming seasons, or still potentially up for renewal.

Even with these stipulations, however, over 200 characters made the cut, and while some of them are just minor recurring roles on sitcoms you may never have heard of, several high-profile and award-winning programs like Transparent, Orange Is the New Black, and Faking It prove that smash successes often come with several LGBT characters and storylines that show the world sides of our community that television has never seen before (take note, future TV shows of the world). Sure, these characters may not always be the best people in the universe (here’s looking at you, Frank Underwood), but hey, we can’t all be saints.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to see this much representation across the board (not to mention this many shows we need to catch-up on ASAP) but we’re only human, so if you happen to find a character we missed, please shout them out and let us know in the comments. The more the merrier, and we hope to keep adding copiously to this list for the rest of forever!

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