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While the exact definition of queer is still up for debate, one thing is for certain: that this catch-all term for the incredible diversity of genders and sexual orientations marks the first time everyone with a “deviant” identity has been able to band together under one word. With its roots in the radical movements of the '90s, the word carries some of this revolutionary spirit into its current use. That’s why, when you challenge something that claims to be natural, you “queer” it. Join Pride for everything queer, including interviews with queer celebrities, the latest on queer news, and more.

10 times 'Star Wars' was queer AF

These LGBTQ+ characters and plot lines made our queer hearts happy!

10 queer cartoons we want revived alongside 'Adventure Time'

Adventure Time is coming back, but there are tons of other LGBTQ+ cartoons we want more episodes of too!

Your boyfriend Russell Tovey is locking lips in the new Pet Shop Boys music video

The Pet Shop Boys just released a music video for their song "A New Bohemia" off of what they're calling their "queer album."

​5 LGBTQ+ stars who have fallen down the alt-right pipeline and are now the WORST

Being queer and ultra conservative should be an oxymoron, but these celebs prove you can be both.

LGBTQ+ stars are taking over the BET Awards and we're loving it

Your fave queer musicians, actors, and athletes are all up for 2024 BET Awards!

Did 'Real Housewives' star Jenna Lyons just confirm she's engaged to girlfriend Cass Bird?

"It is hard to ignore the thing on my finger," Lyons said.

From doubt to acceptance: my journey to embracing my queer identity

Through challenges and triumph, how embracing one's identity led to overcoming social perceptions and expectations.

Alexander Skarsgård will play Harry Melling's 24/7 dom in an upcoming kinky, queer romance

Hollywood is about to get a little kinkier and a lot gayer!

Here's every Pride celebration happening in the U.S. in 2024

Pride Month is almost here so it's time to start planning!

Andrew Haigh is directing a Leonardo da Vinci biopic that may be SUPER gay

The gay filmmaker is set to direct a biopic based on a book that claimed da Vinci was gay.

What exactly does the 'Q' in LGBTQ+ mean? Well, it's complicated

Unpacking the most complex letter in our rainbow family.

10 drag kings we are dying to see on 'Drag Race'

Drag Race needs to get it together and give us an all-drag king season asap!

Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui says she's ready to 'explore polyamory'

The queer pop star has gotten past her breakup and is ready to date multiple people!

Watch a mom try and explain 'coming out' to her BAFFLED kids who are giving us SO MUCH hope

Gen Alpha is going viral on TikTok for making coming out obsolete.

Is Reneé Rapp a top? PRIDE investigates

The internet wants to know: Is Reneé a top? PRIDE gets to the bottom of it in this mystery in our VERY serious investigation!

21 Celebs Who Are Out & Proud of Their Trans & Nonbinary Kids

Grab the tissues because these quotes are going to give you all the feels.

Meet all 37 of the queer women in this season's WNBA

These players may just make the upcoming season the best yet!

Chappell Roan's savage TikToks roasting men are going viral & we're observing respectfully

She is using that voice of her for more than singing and we're so very seated.

15 pre-Stonewall LGBTQ+ films you should definitely to watch

Before the Stonewall riots, LGBTQ+ liberation was still happening on-screen.

6 moments from Orville Peck's new queer AF music video that have us GAGGING

Orville Peck's "Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other" is the hot queer anthem you've been waiting for.