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5 trans video game characters we love and who got representation right

In honor of the 'Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door' re-release confirming Vivian is trans, here are five more trans video game characters we love

Marvel's 'Agatha' finally has a REAL title — can you guess what it is? (Updated)

To whichever chaotic gay came up with this one, we salute you!

'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes' offers modern thrills & nostalgic joys — but is it queer?

The fourth film in the reboot timeline is a reset and refresh of the series that needed to evolve.

5 queer anime series you NEED to see & where to stream them

No matter how you identify there's a range of LGBTQ+ representation in anime.

Magneto got all tied up on 'X-Men '97' and gay fans are MELTING DOWN

The gays had some pretty hilarious reactions to the latest episode...

If you love ‘X-Men ‘97’ here are 5 more gay cartoons you need to watch

If you’re as obsessed with this sequel series, here’s more great inclusive animation to add to your queue — and where to stream it.

10 of 'SpongeBob SquarePants's queerest moments to celebrate 25 years of Bikini Bottom

Is "Bikini Bottom" just a reference after all?

'X-Men '97's gay fans found out how hunky Gambit's voice actor is & they are losing it

This actor is hotter than one of Gambit's kinetic playing cards!

Jinkx Monsoon’s ‘Doctor Who’ character is NOT who you think they are

Showrunner Russell T Davies is clearing up the pesky rumors.

Watch Deadpool & Wolverine flirt, fight, and 'come together' in the new trailer

Plus, Emma Corrin debuts their villainous role.

‘X-Men ‘97’ star JP Karliak on wokeness, ENBY rep & why *that* episode left him sobbing

PRIDE sat down with Morph's voice actor to talk about why this show isn't just entertaining, but a VITAL source of representation.

Tom Hiddleston on whether he'll ever play the bi God of Mischief again

The Loki star opened up about the future of this beloved queer character in the MCU.

Ex-showrunner Beau DeMayo breaks silence on 'X-Men '97' after THAT shocking episode

DeMayo explained how the Pulse nightclub shooting influenced a pivotal episode.

'​Fallout' is a wonderfully weird, funny & bold post-apocalyptic tale — but is it queer?

PRIDE chats with the creators about their new take on the beloved video game series and how WE factor into it.

Here's everything you need to know about DC Comics' Pride 2024 issue

Poison Ivy, Dreamer, Jon Kent, and more will be featured in this year's anthology.

Marvel shocks fans by firing out gay 'X-Men '97' writer Beau DeMayo

DeMayo and Marvel split ways right before the show is set to premiere.

'Avatar: The Last Airbender' isn't just great, it’s required watching for parents of queer kids

The cast of the highly anticipated live-action series breaks down why this special show speaks to the power of otherness and the need for acceptance.