Charlie Carver Is Ben Platt's 'Bad Habit' in New Music Video

Taylor Henderson

Pitch Perfect star and Tony Award-winning actor Ben Platt just dropped two stunning new songs off his upcoming album, Sing To Me Instead, including the emotional piano ballad "Bad Habit."

The music video for the song follows Platt as he grapples with the heartache from a past relationship. "'Bad Habit' is like a prologue," the Dear Evan Hansen star told the Los Angeles Times. "Somebody singing retrospectively about a relationship they’ve gotten out of and realizing that they have somewhat of an addiction to this person. And regardless of understanding, they may not be the best or healthiest person for them, there’s just still this hole inside that’s hard to ignore."

The video is nostalgic and heartbreaking. At one especially poignant moment, Platt visits an art gallery of black and white portraits. Intimate photos of Platt line the walls and, considering the lyrics and desperation on Platt's face, he seems like he's visiting an ex-lover's exhibition. 

At the video's close, Platt wakes from a dream in an empty bed. He reaches out to his absent lover, then gets up to find openly gay actor Charlie Carver in the living room and the two smile at each other. Then Carver snaps his photo, which we now realize is one of the portraits from the art gallery.

Watch the music video for "Bad Habit" below.

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