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Coming out is probably the single hardest thing LGBT youths have to go through. PRIDE can help make the process easier, with tips and stories that will inspire you to live the open, proud life you've always wanted.

Here are all the celebrities who came out in 2024 (so far!)

These stars are living their truth in 2024 and we love to see it!

Amanda Tori Meating Comes Out As Trans

The Drag Race star shared her “egg crack” moment.

Madame LaQueer comes out as trans after being encouraged by another RuGirl

"There’s nothing like feeling loved in your own skin."

Did Reneé Rapp just come out as a lesbian?

Her Saturday Night Live gig left fans positively giddy.

​These 44 Stars Came Out In 2023 ​

Celebs, athletes, drag stars, and more joined our rainbow family this year!

'General Hospital' Character Comes Out In The Sweetest, Casual Way

Fans (and his family) saw this one coming for years.

'Drag Race' Star Farrah Moan Officially Comes Out As Trans

The RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4 star came out in a new interview with Maddy Morphosis.

Here's How An Ohio News Anchor Casually Came Out On Air

"Coming out" doesn't always mean a big announcement.

J-Pop Star Shinjiro Atae On The Backlash & Joys Of Coming Out 'It Was Very Terrifying'

"Some of my fans were like, ‘I still love you, but I can’t accept that you’re gay,’” he told PRIDE.

Billie Eilish's Coming Out Is Giving UWU Lez Energy & I Hate That For Us

"I Like Girls But I'm Scared Of Them" is so tired.

'Diary of A Wimpy Kid' Star Karan Brar Come Out As Bisexual In New Essay

“This was the first time in years that I wasn’t hiding anything..." Karan wrote in his powerful op-ed.

K-Pop Idol Park Chohyeon Comes Out & Goes Public With Her Girlfriend

The two share a YouTube channel chronicling their relationship.

Jason Mraz On Accepting His Bisexuality, Divorce & Leaving 'Shame And Guilt' Behind

Mraz said he's had to learn a lot about himself and that includes during his current run on Dancing with the Stars.

Billie Eilish Says She's 'Attracted To Women For Real'

"billie eilish coming out for the 18th time this year," one fan joked.

10 'Bachelor' Stars Who Came Out As LGBTQ+

These Bachelor Nation stars came out as LGBTQ+ after their appearances in the franchise!

JoJo Siwa On Fans Who Were Upset When She Came Out: 'You're Not Meant to Like Me'

The former Dance Moms star opened up on her new podcast about the negativity she faced when she came out.

Che Flores Comes Out & Makes History As NBA's First Trans Nonbinary Referee

“One piece I was missing for myself was that no one knew how I identified,” Flores revealed.

These Two College Baseball Stars Fell In Love Despite Being Rivals

“We just had that connection instantly," pitcher Aiden Phipps said.

15 Of The Most Memorable & Inspiring Coming Out Videos Ever

These emotional coming out vids are giving us all the feels.