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A TikTok Exposed the Judgement & Fatphobia Men Deal With in Gay Bars

A TikTok Exposed the Judgement & Fatphobia Men Deal With in Gay Bars

This video of a gay man getting viciously rejected at a bar has gone viral. 


TikToker Ziggi Tyler recently shared a video that has struck a chord with people across social media. 

In the video, Tyler tells viewers that he’s worked up the nerve to go to a gay bar by himself for the very first time — and he’s “very excited.” The video cuts to a close-up of him drinking a cocktail and looking around nervously. Tyler says that people have been giving him dirty looks, but, despite that, he’s spotted a cute guy he wants to approach and talk to. He decides to go for it. From there, the video cuts to Tyler, now outside the club, visibly crying while walking down the street. 

“I didn’t even finish my drink, I just straight up left,” he says. “I walked up to this dude I thought was cute and I was trying to like say, ‘hi.’ And he said I was too fucking fat to try to be flirting with people,” he said with a sob. “So I just left. And so definitely, definitely not going to be doing that by myself again.”

It’s a truly heartbreaking video that anyone who’s ever put themselves out there only to be rejected, or who’s felt judged for their appearance, can identify with. 

Knowing this, it’s hardly a surprise that the video went viral, first on TikTok then again on Twitter, and that the internet had opinions. 

Many people responded with kindness, offering their support to Tyler.

Others said this was evidence of issues in the gay community.


And some took a more skeptical view of the video.

Tyler himself responded when he saw it blowing up on Twitter, expressing his gratitude for those who had reached out with kind words for him. 


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