He showed me I could live a happy life dating a man.

December 21 2016 5:02 PM

Adopting a pet makes two lives better!

December 07 2016 2:35 PM

Here's what to say to all those well-meaning white folks who tell you that Trump "isn't that bad."

December 07 2016 11:31 AM

By no means do you need to have sympathy for Lucian Piane.

November 29 2016 4:53 PM

One small gesture I am taking to make sure I am taking care of myself.

November 23 2016 11:27 AM

There's a chance Trump could get impeached, but is Mike Pence any better? 

November 21 2016 6:14 PM

Ever heard of a thing called compassion?

November 14 2016 8:00 AM