Although there is a huge lack of its portrayal in the media, bisexuality is a real thing, and it deserves to be talked about as much as any other sexual orientation. PRIDE showcases all the amazing and inspiring bisexual stories that matter the most to you, in a fun, safe, and accepting environment!

The men's grooming company wants to “create a society where there is no wrong way to be a man.”

May 17 2017 2:05 PM

It's an exciting time for queer representation!

May 15 2017 2:23 PM

The bisexual star sings to a woman in her groovy new song.

May 12 2017 4:40 PM

Israel's event, the largest Pride parade in the Middle East and Asia, addresses an oft-stigmatized part of the LGBT population.

May 12 2017 1:21 PM

“He’s painfully honest. He’s very, very special.”

May 04 2017 2:23 PM

Mother Monster's music makes everything better.

May 03 2017 3:05 PM

Haze is reborn in her "Resurrection" music video.

May 02 2017 7:07 PM