Although there is a huge lack of its portrayal in the media, bisexuality is a real thing, and it deserves to be talked about as much as any other sexual orientation. PRIDE showcases all the amazing and inspiring bisexual stories that matter the most to you, in a fun, safe, and accepting environment!

The "Blonde" star hasn't performed live since 2014.

March 21 2017 3:23 PM

Asking "What do you do?" isn't going to get you a second date. 

March 21 2017 2:29 PM

Being touchy may be a good indictor of interest, but as an isolated behavior, you still don't have the full picture. 

March 17 2017 5:46 PM

With the help of his boyfriend's YouTube channel, pro wrestler Anthony Bowens was able to come out as bisexual to his friends and family.

March 15 2017 3:15 PM

Because shirtless gym selfies aren't going to cut it anymore. 

March 09 2017 3:04 PM