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8 ways to properly tip and treat your go-go dancer

Advice on how to properly engage with a go-go dancer, from a professional go-go dancer!

8 Reasons Thanksgiving Is Actually The Worst

What are we even celebrating again...?

5 Reasons Why I Choose to Call Myself Queer

I’m here. I’m queer. Get used to it.

5 Reasons Why New Year's Is the Best Holiday

No shade to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but New Year's Eve is the greatest holiday of all time. 

Still Teenage Dreaming of Katy Perry's Pop Masterpiece 10 Years Later

"The best music inspires, and there's no question that Perry's music inspired millions," PRIDE's Taylor Henderson writes on the 10-year anniversary of Katy's critically-acclaimed sophomore album. 

Gay Dating Apps Removing Ethnicity Filters Is a Meaningless Gesture

Getting rid of the ethnicity filter is in no way fighting racism. It's doing the bare minimum.

Don't Forget: The First Pride Was a Riot

"Pride is a protest. It began as one in 1969. And while we've come a long way, it still is a protest today because not all members of our community are treated equally," writes PRIDE's Taylor Henderson.

'Steven Universe' Go to Therapy Challenge

The final episodes of Steven Universe: Future are nigh, but will Steven let actually let anyone save him?

Mad the Live-Action 'Mulan' Won't Have Music or Mushu? Get Over It

The animated version of Mulan isn't going anywhere, and more viewers need to be open to the idea of a fresh take on a beloved classic.

What Does the ContraPoints Controversy Say About the Way We Criticize?

Despite legitimate issues, recent controversies surrounding transgender YouTuber ContraPoints demonstrate some people's inability to create constructive conversations and criticism.

My Bisexuality Isn’t a 50/50 Split

Bisexuality is a complex sexual identity, one that requires open-mindedness and respect from others.

TIFF 2019 Review: 'Just Mercy' Is a Call to Action

"This no-frills endeavor is not necessarily meant to entertain, but act as a wake-up call," writes film critic Valerie Complex in her review of Just Mercy.

What I Wish I Knew Before Kissing My First Man in College

You might not have that aha! moment...

'13 Reasons Why' Revealed a Gay Character—And Then They Killed Him

And so yet another gay is buried.

The Problem With 'Adam'

"I’m dog tired of watching straight, white, cis male protagonists use marginalized communities for personal gain," writes Valerie Complex in her review of Rhys Ernst's controversial film.

'Love Island's' Doomed Bisexual Love Triangle Deserved Better

Heterosexuality is a prison that needs to be abolished!

The Double Standards for Queer Characters Need to End

Why are some fictional, same-sex romances "forced" or "token" when straight ones aren't?

I Went to WorldPride in NYC & I’ve Never Felt So At Home

PRIDE's Taylor Henderson recounts his experience of attending WorldPride in New York City.

No Kink at Pride? What's Next, a Drag Ban?

Everyone has lots of thoughts on who belongs at a Pride event, but very few are doing anything to make substantive change.

Representation in Comics Matters—It's Why I Created 'The Pride'

In a new essay, comic author Joe Glass explains why he created queer superhero series The Pride, and why LGBTQ representation matter, even in comics.