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99 Photos of Pride Beyond Borders in Seattle

On these sunny days, Seattle Pride believes in fostering goodwill and friendly relationships across borders.

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12 Movies to Watch After You Come Out

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Louisiana Lesbian Told to Wear a Dress Now Gets a Custom Tux for Prom

Claudetteia Love earned recognition for speaking out about her school's discriminatory policy — and now she'll be dancing in style with a custom-made suit from LGBT clothiers.

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Will Florida Arrest Clerks for Marrying Gay Couples?

Antigay officials have one final weapon in their arsenal to stop marriage: the threat of jail time.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Rejects Florida; Marriages to Begin

It's more bad news for antigay Florida attorney general Pam Bondi, as the nation's highest court rejects her request to delay marriage equality in the Sunshine State after January 6.

Everything You Need to Know About Missouri Marriage

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