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GLAAD Awards Kick Off in New York - the Winners!

Last Saturday night in New York, Broadway was, well, even gayer than usual when the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards came to Time Square. The red carpet was filled with celebrities from the LGBT community and their allies. Glee stars Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith MC’d the event that recognized and honored mainstream media for their "fair, accurate, and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives."

'Finding Bigfoot's' Sole Skeptic Ranae Holland Talks Sasquatch: INTERVIEW

Whether you believe in the existence of the elusive 14-foot walking primate known commonly as Bigfoot or not, the cult hit series Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet has something to offer you, due mainly to Ranae Holland (out lesbian and research biologist) returning as one of the show’s stars. And if you happen to be a Sasquatch skeptic, well, then Holland really plays for your team, as she is the show’s resident non-believer.

Dustin Lance Black Goes Back to School with the Homecoming Project: Interview

Live Out Loud has set out to inspire and empower LGBT youth by connecting them with successful LGBT adults in their community through an initiative called the Homecoming Project. The concept behind this project is simple -- successful LGBT professionals head back to their own high school to tell their success stories to current students. One of the most notable past participants of the Homecoming Project includes Dustin Lance Black, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter for Milk and screenwriter of the upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio starrer J. Edgar. Live Out Loud pro­duced a short film that aired on PBS in February of 2011, which documented Black’s experience.

'Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story' at New York Fringe Festival - Review

Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art the queers in Shakespeare’s greatest love story? You will find out just why they are ever present in Ampersand: A Romeo & Juliet Story, during New York International Fringe Festival. Ampersand is a queer rock-musical comedy that takes a Sapphic spin to the original Shakespearian drama and shakes up the formula with modern day twists.

Desperately ‘Seeking Simone’: Exclusive Interview with Renee Olbert and Rose Rowe

SheWired chatted with the series star and creators, Renee Olbert and Rose Rowe, to see if we could get some insider information on just what kind of scintillating trouble Simone will seek out this season. And, will she ever find Ms Right? Simone, as embodied by the hilarious Renee Olbert, is a lovely lesbian on the prowl episodically dating her way through all the lez-brand of crazy the great city of Toronto has to offer. Season 2 recently started up, serving up many new ladies and laughs. You cant help but walk away feeling really good about your own dating life, because as bad as it may be… well, you’ll just be grateful that you’re not Simone.

Melissa Ferrick is 'Still Right Here': Exclusive Interview

It has been five long years since singer songwriter and out lesbian Melissa Ferrick has released any new music. With her latest record set for release on September 13th and her devoted followers literally drooling to get a listen to what Melissa has been up to for the past half decade, her upcoming studio album, Still Right Here, serves as a definitive reminder to her fans that she is back and better than ever with what could be her most successful opus to date. Ferrick’s time away from touring and making music has allowed her to reflect upon her career, spawning enormous changes in Ferrick’s life. She returns with a new label (MPress Records) and an unprecedented new album which boasts guest vocals from friend and fellow artist Ani DiFranco and features riffs from guitar maven Kaki King

Tello Films' Christin Mell and Nicole Valentine Create the Shows Lesbians Will Want to Watch: Interview

Tello Films co-founders Christin Mell and Nicole Valentine have created an exciting and fun hub on the web where women can find thoughtful original, lesbian content for a less than a cup of drip coffee from a chain coffee shop. The new media innovators are behind the likes of several web series including Cowgirl Up, which features a cast of wonderfully strong actors, the hilarious mockumentary style show McManusland, starring Bridget McManus and the new horror series Diary of a Black Widow.

Women Talking Funny: Six Lesbian Comics to Watch

Last Monday, at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in Los Angeles, six of the funniest ladies in entertainment sat down to talk about the art of comedy. The evening was called “A Conversation With Ladies Who Make Us Laugh. Lily Tomlin, Margaret Cho, Carol Leifer, Caroline Rhea, Bonnie Hunt and Elayne Boosler chatted....