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11 White Lies You Tell Before Coming Out

11 White Lies You Tell Before Coming Out

11 White Lies You Tell Before Coming Out

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1. When you tell your friends you don't need to come out to your parents because "they probably already know" even though you know they don't.

2.  When people ask you, "So are you into boys or girls?" and you say you don't like labels.A GIF of Kristen Stewart saying "I can't be anyone but myself, man."

3. When your parents ask you about your weekend and you try to find a way of avoiding naming the only gay bar in town.A GIF from OINTB that says "Lesbians can be very dangerous."

4. When your gay friends try to make you feel more comfortable about coming out and it only pushes you more back in.

5. When you mentally prepare yourself to answer friends' questions because you know they will ask how the coming out process is coming along (it's not).Milk Kiss

6. When people ask you, "Are you dating anyone?" and you think of a crazy, unrealistic story to explain why you aren't.

7. When your crush gives you an ultimatum.

8. When you tell one of your friends that you're not even sure who you actually like, and they're like, duh.

9. When everyone at your high school had a crush on Justin Timberlake, but you had your eye on the pop star he was dating.

10. When you get caught kissing someone by a friend that doesn't know you're gay, and you're like, well this is a good time as any to say...

11. When you're finally ready to come out, you realize everything will work itself out.

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