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Justin Bieber's Journey from Teen Heartthrob to Full Grown Man

Justin Bieber's Journey from Teen Heartthrob to Full Grown Man

Justin Bieber's Journey from Teen Heartthrob to Full Grown Man

22 years ago today, the world was blessed with a Canadian popstar for the ages: Justin Bieber. 

Although he's had a few ups and downs during his career, no one can deny the endearing charm that the Biebs has on his fans, and since he's in the middle of a creative renaissance with the recent release of last November's smash album Purpose, we'd like to dedicate some time to look at the evolution of Justin from the doe-eyed, shaggy haired teen star of 2009, to today's full-grown pop icon.

Remember when he was introduced to the world with his angelic voice and that iconic, swoopy hairstyle?justin-bieber-young-1

You couldn't help but want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair!justin-bieber-young-2 

Then, out of nowhere he cut his hair and he kinda started getting hot.justin-bieber-haircut 

He also started gaining muscles in all the right places, and you kinda felt weird/guilty for having a crush on a teenager.justin-bieber-guitar-muscles

But then he turned 18, and he started flaunting those muscles more and more...justin-bieber-abs-1justin-bieber-abs-212 Perfect Celeb Twinks (For People Who Don't Know What A Twink Is)

He may have gotten in some serious trouble a couple of times...justin-bieber-court-jail

But he made amends for it during the entirety of 2015 when he focused his efforts on what matters most: the music.justin-bieber-what-do-you-meanjustin-bieber-crying-vmas

Now, every time we see Justin in public nowadays, we see this maturing young man who knows who he is and what he's good at. And we couldn't be happier.justin-bieber-grammys

Plus, it also doesn't hurt that he still likes to show off those AB-solutely amazing muslces of his. *breathes deeply*justin-bieber-shirtless-1justin-bieber-shirtless-2

Happy Birthday, Justin!

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