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5 Resolutions For The Womanizer Trying To Change Her Ways

5 Resolutions For The Womanizer Trying To Change Her Ways

5 Resolutions For The Womanizer Trying To Change Her Ways

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One of the worst stereotypes that lesbians face is that we’re all a bunch of womanizers who sleep with everyone’s exes. And, although, sure, that is maybe be a tad bit true (our community is small, everyone, give us a fucking break), that doesn’t mean it’s the only identifier we want! Especially when it’s used in a way that slut shames and not in a feminist way.


If you are down with making #newyearnewme your lasting 2016 motto, and you think you might have dated a few women last year that you def could have passed on (for things like drama reasons), then here are a few suggestions for your 2016 resolution list.

1. Date one woman at a time.


Holy shit, what a brand new idea. Who would have thought you could be monogamous?! It’s really not that bad, ladies. Give it a try for a month and commit to actually trying to connect, and get back to us. Because we want to know how it goes. Direct message me and believe me, I’ll chat you back!

2. Stop giving time to women you aren’t actually interested in.


You’ll do yourself and that woman a whole bunch of good if you just spend that time alone. Maybe get into mediation. Do some “me” work. Start weight lifting. Start a YouTube channel. Do yoga. Do you!

3. Get into therapy.


This might seem pretty radical to some of you, but therapy is the best thing any person can do for themselves, especially for people looking for other people to fill up their lives because it means you have a void you’re trying to fill. And if that void isn’t just lack of a hobby that brings you happiness, you’ll probably benefit from therapy.

4. Read books!


And we’re not even talking about the self-help ones (but if you’re looking, we recommend this and this!) but just regular old books! Getting caught up in the narrative of a story is one of the best (and most beneficial) ways to get your mind off of something. Not just good for if you’re trying to stop going out every night. It’s literally great for curbing all addictive behaviors.

5. Find something in your life that makes you feel validated.


Most of what drives a womanizer is wanting to be validated by other women. If you can get that validation somewhere else, it can help curb the feelings that you’ll feel void of while trying to change your ways. Taking a class, selling your art/items on etsy, volunteering at a vet hospital, or anything that makes you feel like you have self-worth, will not only up your confidence, but also give you a different perspective on yourself.

Briana lives and works in San Francisco with her girlfriend and their two pugs. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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