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25 Reasons Adele's 25 is Already Making Us Cry

25 Reasons Adele's '25' is Already Making Us Cry

25 Reasons Adele's '25' is Already Making Us Cry

After almost five years that have felt like five decades, Adele is finally gracing us with another brand new album.

25 hits stands Friday and, as an early celebration, we have decided to look back on her career so far to help explain why we're so painfully excited for the album, and why we love this woman so damn much.

1. She is one of  if not the  greatest artist of our generation

Just earlier this week Billboard named Adele's sophomore album, 21, the "greatest album of all time." Who are we to disagree?

adele silhouette

2. She helps us cope with our feelings

We've all joked about laying in bed after a difficult break up and blaring "Someone Like You" on repeat while scarfing Ben & Jerry's, but are we really joking? No.

We need her for the hard times in life.

Adele cigarette

3. She teaches us about self-love and confidence

As soon as the songstress's career began gaining momentum, trolls began commenting on her weight and appearance, as if she has anything to be embarrassed or ashamed of.

Adele has never stood for that kind of behavior, and refuses to apologize for being anything but exactly who she is. #SeriousRoleModelPotential

Adele you could've had it all

4. She has the best laugh/sense of humor ever

Watch this gem of a video if you don't believe us.

Adele laugh

5. A new album brings the possibility of new collabs

We like the popular idea going around of a Beyonce/Adele duet. Sure, the sheer power of their voices together might just kill us all, but what a way to go, right?

Adele Beyonce

6. She's a total triple threat

We all know that Adele can sing and write amazing songs like nobody's business, but her past music videos show us the talent doesn't stop there. It only takes one viewing of the "Someone Like You" or "Rolling In the Deep" videos to see that woman can out-act all of us, too.

Adele acting

7. She unites us

It wasn't just us commoners who were freaking out over the recent release of "Hello," the first single off of 25. Countless celebs, big and small, took to social media to express their overwhelming emotions to the track.

When it comes to Adele, no one is safe.

Adele Rhianna

8. She teaches us valuable lessons

Adele is a true lyricist who uses her words to make us think, challenge us, and motivate us. She helps us see things as they really are.

Adele regrets

9. She's a total badass who does and says what she wants

And she's never going to apologize for it.

Adele middle finger

10. Like a fine wine or Robert Downey Jr., Adele only gets better with age

Everybody said there was no way 21 could top 19; then 21 set the record for most weeks on the top of the charts by a female artist. Everybody said she couldn't top the 2011 Brit Awards performance; then came the 2012 Grammy's and the 2013 Academy Awards after that.

If she keeps on going like this, 25 is going to be the best album yet.

Adele thumbs up

11. "Hello" brought to our knees

Again, if the jaw-dropping, tear-inducing first single is any indication, 25 is going to be a game-changer.

Adele hello

12. She's easily one of the most gorgeous people on the planet

It would be a crime to not mention how this woman continually stuns us with her beauty. Thankfully, a new album means promotion, which means more airtime for the singer, which means our eyes will be very pleased.

Adele eyes

13. She understands us

There's a reason we feel like Adele is a friend of ours. She write about honest human emotion and connection while maintaining a relateable exterior. Like a true best friend, she'll share her experiences—the good and the bad—to help us through our own.

The aforementioned sense of humor doesn't hurt either.

Adele Royal Albert

14. Her music itself

It goes without saying that, just like with every song on her previous albums, we can expect every song on 25 to be a winner.

The lyrics will be poetic. The melodies will move us to tears. Her voice will stun us to silence.

That's a given.

Adele new song

15. She makes us want to release our inner goofballs

Sure, we can take life seriously. Just not too seriously.

Adele goofball

Look at that little, loveable nerd.

16. She keeps us on our toes

Any serious Adele fan can tell you that she sings the songs a bit differently every time. Whether it's the "Ready?!" before the break in "Rolling in the Deep," or the pitch difference between "Someone Like You" live vs. on the album, Adele will surprise you every time.

She'll always get you there, but the route will be just new enough to keep your eyes wide open and your attention sharp.

Adele dance

17. She inspires hilarious memes and gifs simply by existing

Do us a favor and Google "funny Adele gif." You will not be disappointed.

Adele funny

18. She covers other people's songs fabulously

Both of Adele's previous albums featured covers of popular songs; 19 included "Make You Feel My Love," while 21 claimed "Lovesong."

Hopefully 25 will continue with the pattern, as she has a way of making her version your new favorite version.

Adele covers

19. Her music videos are stunning

Even if you removed a mega-talented and stunningly beautiful Adele starring in the music videos, they would still be worth watching. They are always high quality mini-masterpieces completely worthy of the art that is her music.

A new album means more videos with more gorgeous cinematography. Sign us up.

Adele cinema

20. Her albums represent where she was in her life at that moment

19 and 21 were about relationships, falling in love, and breakups because that's what Adele knew. That's what was happening.

Albums always feel more genuine when you can tell the artist was being real with themselves and their writing. Adele has mastered this craft.

True to form, the Oscar-winner has said that 25 could not be another breakup album, as she is simply too happy in her real life as a girlfriend and a mom.

Adele breakup

That reminds us...

21. She's an Oscar-winner.

She's taking over the world one industry at a time and we do not mind at all. We're actually pretty cool with/excited about it.

Adele oscar

22. Her weirdly endearing and humanizing potty mouth.

Back in 2012, Adele told Anderson Cooper that she "loved to swear."

Let's just say, it wasn't exactly a surprise.

Adele curses

23. She still gets stage fright.

How adorable is that?

Adele confetti

24. The feeling you get when you hear a new Adele song for the first time

It's like pure adrenaline on an emotional roller coaster.

You want to throw up, cry, sway to the tunes, and listen to it on repeat while you lay motionless under a blanket for 12 hours.

Or maybe that's just us. Either way, it's a trip.

Adele new song 2

25. She is giving us the chance to witness the birth of a legend

Decades from now, when she has won every award known to humankind and every child in the land has heard the myths of Adele Adkins, we will have the honor of saying we saw the whole thing.

And what a gift that is.

Adele hometown glory

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McKenna is a freelance writer, Netflix addict, and Colorado State University alumna. Her hobbies include sleeping, staying indoors, and crop top advocacy. #CropTopsForAll