Troye Sivan Auctions Off Bloom-Inspired Paintings for Charity

Rachel Kiley

When Troye Sivan’s sophomore album Bloom came out at the end of the summer, he paired up with Pandora to give his fans art upon art by creating paintings inspired by his own music.

“I definitely think very visually when I’m writing music,” Sivan said in the video as he worked. “So the ethos for the album was kind of like, a lot of classic like 80s references in my head, musically. Immediately I start thinking of like, film posters from that time and bright neon signs at night time. And those kinds of things will be in the back of my mind while I’m writing songs.”

As promised, that artwork is now being auctioned off to benefit the Ally Coalition and at-risk LGBTQ youth. Paintings “Blue Sky” and “Animal” are recognizable from the original video, while “Abstract” is perhaps from the fourth canvas he left unpainted at the time. The third work Sivan is shown painting in the video, which he said he could have seen as his album cover, isn’t listed for sale.

Sivan may not be a professional painter (the Ally Coalition notes that he has “never painted before”), but fans will surely be excited for the opportunity to own and display something the singer created with his own hands nonetheless. Though you’d better be prepared to shell out some solid cash for the honor — bidding is already pushing $1000 USD for two of the paintings and will undoubtedly climb a lot further before the auctions are up. But hey, it’s for a good cause.

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