Aja’s New Music Video Is Every Gaymer’s Epic, Evil Fantasy

Aja’s New Music Video, “Finish Her” Is Every Gay Gamer’s Evil Fantasy
Zachary Zane

I don’t even know where to start with Aja's new music video for her single, "Finish Her." It’s f#cking epic. Aja is a rapping beast. Her flow is on point. Her delivery is fire. Her lyrics are clear, clever, and meaningful. And her lewks are flawless—both as a boy and in drag.

She also made every single gaymer nostalgic AF by creating a music video that pays homage to Mortal Kombat; only instead of killing Sub Zero and Scorpion, Aja annihilates every fake-ass queen out there!

The Bed-Stuy legend just made the best drag rap ever. Done. Game over. Banshee queen has won. We must all bow down to the new queen!

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