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Joey Pollari (aka Odd Comfort) Is Ready to Sing About Love, Loss & Men

Joey Pollari (aka Odd Comfort) Is Ready to Sing About Love, Loss & Men

Joey Pollari (aka Odd Comfort) Is Ready to Sing About Love, Loss & Men

PRIDE chats with the Love, Simon actor and singer-songwriter about his debut single "Fickle" and his upcoming album About Men.


You may know Joey Pollari most from his acting—he's starred in favorites like the super popular 2018 queer rom-com Love, Simon and ABC's critically-acclaimed anthology series American Crime—but under the stage name Odd Comfort, the openly gay, 26-year-old old is also making his mark on the world as a singer-songwriter with the release of his debut single "Fickle."

"I knew I needed a long song on this record because a lot of the record is about loss, and I wanted to make a love song and try and trace specific moments throughout the song and make a love song ultimately about desire," he said about the dark, moody, sensual track. "And create this space where it's really intimate. The vocals are really close and it feels like it's sung to you, both of us, in the same room, one to one."

About his upcoming full-length album About Men, Pollari also told PRIDE

"It's about three men in particular. Three men that I lost. A lover. A friend, to life, just life circumstances. And then my father, who passed away three years ago. I wanted to make a record to somehow come to terms with the men in my life. Both specifically and generally and see the patterns between those three people and try and unify them in certain songs and then also just direct some certain songs. Trying to find a release of some sort about those men without coming to any huge glaring conclusions, because life doesn't really give us that often."

"It feels good to add a voice," Pollari said about being part of the current wave of out, queer artists who actually get to talk about love and identity in their music. "There's so many people, queer artists that I grew up watching, even unknowingly. You know, you see these people and later in life, finding out that they're queer. To start that journey of joining that has been crucial. And to offer my own perspective on it and been influenced by so many incredible people."

"Fickle" is available on Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play, and wherever you stream music. Pollari is also donating 15 percent of proceeds from the track's profits to ActBlue's aggregate bail-out fund!

Watch the "Fickle" music video below! 

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