77 Pics That Prove Tallahassee Pridefest 2017 Was Fun AF

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The Florida capital's annual LGBT celebration emphasized the importance of diversity, acceptance, and equality.

The Tallahassee Pridefest emphasizes the importance of diversity, acceptance, and equality. Plus, you can bring your dog.

Since the early '90s, Tallahassee has had Pride festivals or parties in some form or fashion every year. In 2008, Tallahassee Pridefest changed dramatically, coming “out of the closet,” moving from an afternoon festival in Tom Brown Park to a week-long (sometimes longer) celebration with events throughout the Florida capital. Each successive year, Pridefest continues to evolve, bringing even more creative and impressive events to Tallahassee, providing the community with an outlet where they can be themselves, accepted, and loved without fear of reproach.

Read more about the events this year at Pridefest.FamilyTreeCenter.org, and follow them on Facebook. Thanks to Andy Janecek, and to Carl Bengston for the great photos. You can follow him on Facebook here.

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