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gay dating

The 15 Worst Guys You Find on Gay Hookup Apps

The love-hate relationship every queer man has with hookup apps is way too real.

This New Queer Dating Show Sees Couples 'Looking For A Third'

Tiffany Pollard is the HBIC of this upcoming series from the creators of ‘For The Love of DILFs’

12 Kinds Of Gay Kissers You'll Encounter In The Wild

From a first-timer to a pro, a sloppy kisser to a gentle one, find out which kind of kisser you are!

10 Men You'd Be Proud to Bring Home to Your Parents

If you're dating any of these guys, your parents will definitely approve.

15 Ways to Get Him Out of Your Head

Because dwelling in the past about your ex isn't healthy for you.

'Mean Gays' Skit Has Gay Guys Flashing Back To Their Worst Hookups

This TikTok is too brutal.

Troye Sivan Shares The Dating App 'Red Flag' That Makes Him Nervous

Hoping to match with the "Rush" singer on Hinge? Here's what not to do!

15 Tips That Will Help Your Relationship Get Past The One Year Mark

Always find yourself short of reaching the one year mark? These tidbits of advice may help.

14 Reasons to Date a Gym Queen (That Have Nothing to Do with Physical Appearance)

Gym queens are energetic, have stamina, and know how to commit!

26 Types Of Guys Every Gay Man Dates In His Life

Remember when you thought it was a good idea to date a circuit boy? 

11 Gay Poems That Are Totally Steamy Text Worthy

It’s a little more elegant than sext by Emoji.

How to Meet Men IRL (And Not Just On Grindr)

Contrary to popular belief, there are other ways to meet other queer men besides hookup apps and bars.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Pickiest About Who They Date

Are people always telling you that your standards are too high? You’re probably one of these signs.

Here’s The Zodiac Sign To Avoid If You’re Ready To Fall In Love

This is the sign you’re least compatible with romantically, so swipe left no matter how hot they are!

Here’s The Zodiac Sign You’ll Have The Most Sexual Chemistry With

Whether you’re in it for tonight or forever, this is the sign you’ll have the steamiest connection with.

Here’s The Zodiac Sign You’ll Have The Most Soulmate Potential With

Ready to meet ‘the one’? Here’s the zodiac sign to swipe right on!

Here’s The Zodiac Sign You’ll Have The Most Passionate Fling With

Just looking to hook up for the moment? Here’s the zodiac sign to swipe right on!

10 Ways To Shut Down A Bad Grindr Date

Bad Grindr hookups are the WORST.

8 Tips for Gay/Bi Men Who Never Had a Serious Boyfriend (But Want One)

It might be time to delete Grindr....