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gay dating

Here's 5 top tips to flirting at Pride (even if you're shy)

Love is in the air during Pride Month and you could find a potential new partner or two.

15 pieces of dating advice for gay/bi men that actually don't suck

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Grindr faces legal backlash for sharing HIV status without consent

This isn't the first time the gay dating app has been accused of mishandling data.

'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise' gay star Shawn Finch finds romance with trans girlfriend

The hairdresser is showing off his fascinating relationship on TLC's hit show.

15 signs the guy you like isn't boyfriend material

Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

15 reasons to open up your relationship

Open relationships bring a bunch of significant emotional benefits, as well as more sex with more people. Here are just a few...

‘For the Love of DILF’s winners Nigel & Rico open up about their romance after the show (EXCLUSIVE)

Things got real when the cameras went down on season two of the hit reality show. Here’s where the couple stands today.

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25 things I've learned after using Grindr for years

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Meet Fredrico Castro Debernardi, Chris Appleton's sexy AF (possible) new man

Is there a new man in Chris Appleton's life post-divorce with Lukas Gage?

These two queer athletes dove head first into love and have never been happier

This bi diver and gay swimmer won't let going to different colleges keep them apart!

15 kinds of gay kissers you'll encounter in the wild

From a first-timer to a pro, from a sloppy kisser to a gentle one — find out which kind of kisser you are!

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DILF Manor is reeling in the aftermath of a shocking elimination that has everyone thinking strategy and revenge — but the vibe shifts when Stormy introduces a steamy new challenge.

15 reasons to try dating a couple — it's your throuple era!

Relationships don't require monogamy.

15 reasons why none of your relationships last longer than 3 months

Sometimes you're just not ready for a long-term relationship...

'​For the Love of DILFs' stars Daniel & Derrick Hart answer all our burning questions (EXCLUSIVE)​

The breakout stars of our favorite gay dating series are in the hot seat as we get all the tea about how they were cast on the show, why they never share men, and why no guy can ever come between them.

Watch the first 10 minutes of 'For the Love of DILFs' episode 5 now (EXCLUSIVE)

Kane is PRESSED after his Himbo gets eliminated and three new hotties arrive to shake things up!

10 awkward things that happen during pillow talk

Sex is great, but post-sex pillow talk can be awkward AF.