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Adult star Max Lorde spilled his pre-shoot routine & we are literally  SHAKING

Mary, this is not what we meant when we said you get 10s across the board!

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Angelica Ross posts and deletes an update about her sexuality

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J-Pop Star Shinjiro Atae On The Backlash & Joys Of Coming Out 'It Was Very Terrifying'

"Some of my fans were like, ‘I still love you, but I can’t accept that you’re gay,’” he told PRIDE.

10 Harmful Myths That Fuel Transgender Misinformation

At what point are we all just going to accept each other for who we are?

10 Myths About Pansexuality We Need To Bust Immediately

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10 Myths About Aromanticism Debunked

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Jacob Elordi Confesses His First Celeb Male Crushes & Honestly, Same

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Jada Pinkett Smith Says She Had 'Experiences With Women' In New Memoir

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Barack Obama Says He Regularly Fantasized About Men In Resurfaced Letter

At 21, Obama shared his thoughts on gender and sexuality with an ex-girlfriend.

Wayne Brady Comes Out As Pansexual

The iconic TV host is ready to share his truth.

Heatstopper's Alice Oseman On Fans Who Forced Kit Connor To Come Out

The creator isn’t holding back on the “fans” who pressured the young actor to publicly address his sexuality.