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Becca Moore and Shannon Beveridge hard-launch relationship

The mystery partner Moore's teased for months is revealed at last.

Latest violent gender reveal video leaves viewers on edge

This gender reveal video is striking, literally.

Nurse Blake reveals some of the hottest sex tricks he learned from conversion therapy

The hilarious influencer is opening up on all aspects of his life on his upcoming comedy tour.

Watch this TikToker ROAST James Charles for his UNHINGED rant about Joe Biden

James Charles probably should have kept his mouth shut!

Noah; Bad Kitty; Spencer Sunboy

10 adult content creators to follow because they are as hot as they are HILARIOUS

These content creators have our ATTENTION for their steamy content and because they always have us cackling!

Katy Perry is ready to gag the gays with her highly anticipated comeback

The pop icon wants to give her fans everything they want with her upcoming era.

Watch gay actor Johnny Sibilly shutdown a homophobe in the sexiest way possible

The Hacks actor and his hot boyfriend used their tongues to respond to the TikTok comment in a very creative way!

From Meta to X, the top social media companies are failing LGBTQ+ users: GLAAD

Most of the top social media companies got an 'F' grade on GLAAD’s 2024 Social Media Safety Index. Of the major platforms, TikTok was the only one to pass with a dismal D+ grade.

'Drag Race's Jaremi cosplays as drag version of Patrick Star and we're gagging

Wait, do we find SpongeBob SquarePants' friend hot now?!

Was Bad Bunny really spotted cozying up to a man at a gay bar?

A viral video and some leading tweets left fans with questions.

What, exactly, is a stud lesbian?

And yes, "stud" and "butch" are different.

U.S. may pull plug on TikTok

As the new law hits Biden's desk, what does a TikTok ban actually mean for users? Here's the rundown.

Watch a mom try and explain 'coming out' to her BAFFLED kids who are giving us SO MUCH hope

Gen Alpha is going viral on TikTok for making coming out obsolete.

Is Reneé Rapp a top? PRIDE investigates

The internet wants to know: Is Reneé a top? PRIDE gets to the bottom of it in this mystery in our VERY serious investigation!

Chappell Roan's savage TikToks roasting men are going viral & we're observing respectfully

She is using that voice of her for more than singing and we're so very seated.

How TikTok helped me come out of my shell and into my identity as a trans woman

Jae Gurley shares her transformative journey on TikTok, from finding community and identity to embarking on a transition journey.

Female comedians clap back at TikToker who said women on 'SNL' aren't 'hot'

Saturday Day Night Live cast members Sarah Sherman and Chloe Troast responded in hilarious ways!

Meet Steven Kelly, the sexy gymfluencer taking over TikTok

He's dripping with sweat and the gays are loving it!

'Drag Race' guest judge Mayan Lopez confirms long-running RuPaul rumor & we're GIGGLING

Mayan Lopez spills the tea from her time as a guest judge and it's Gucci!